Sunday, May 7, 2017

The week that was....EIGHTEEN

What a manic week! I have hit the weekend totally exhausted.

It started like any other - Monday night dinner at the neighbours, always fantastic. Tuesday passed by rather uneventfully. Then my boss arrived from New Zealand on Wednesday, it seems to always be hectic when he is in town - especially at the moment as we stare down the barrel of a team restructure and a massive migration.

Wednesday night we had a farewell for one of our execs. It was a cruise around the harbour on a very glamorous motor yacht that is currently owned by the previous CEO of my company......

and yep, this really is a photo of the actual boat, which is for sale, so it could be yours for $6.75 million. 

Thursday evening I dined with my wonderfully wonderful BFF, Mrs M, who is heading off on her nine month around Australia adventure this weekend. I was in complete denial that it was happening until this week - you see for the past 20 odd years we have lived about 20 minutes max away from each other (give or take a year here or there for Hong Kong and Eurpoean adventures) - so it hit me like a tonne of bricks falling from a great height. Especially because they may not be returning to Sydney to live when the adventure is over......but never say never. 

And it doesn't really matter where we are in the world, we will always be there for each other, no matter what.

The weekend sun shone over Saturday and Sunday which was lovely. Saturday we had both sets of Mr & Mrs C's over and their gorgeous boys for a BBQ lunch - of course it was lovely. After a few grown-up beverages Hubby decided it was a good idea to run and jump over the pool fence into the pool - he survived unscathed....which is very lucky for him.

My list of ten

Move - I actually went for a walk  this week - not just incidental walking!

Meditate - Loving my train trip meditations.

Kind - Meditating and walking is being kind to myself.

Connect - Definitely connected this week.

Food - Currently I am addicted to and in an attempt to make some healthy snacks for everyone.

Flow - Still going with the flow.

Blog -  Still blogging my little heart out. Seriously I love it.

Budget - Sticking to it.

Fun - Lots of fun this week.

How was your week?


Sunday, April 30, 2017

The week that was...SEVENTEEN

I know I say this more often than not, but holy shit, time is flying! Even my eight year old said it to me this week - so it must be true!

This week was once again peppered with headaches that culminated into a migraine. Seriously life altering and something that really needs to be dealt with and flipping fast. But I have no clue at this stage where to start. I mean I have seen chiropractors, physios, osteopaths, headache specialists, GPs, naturopaths - I could go on. It is really an exhausting part of my life that contributes a lot to my depression as well.

School returned to Term 2 this week, so we are back into swimming, piano and singing lessons, which also means tight routines and serious meal planning. But the kids are smiling - most of the time so that is winning. I think.

Thursday night was once again, Futsal night, we came second, 11 to 2. We got 2 goals because they were late - the advantage of playing the earlier game of the night. I am seriously loving it though and feel I am getting better each week - at least I hope I am.

Friday night I went along with Ms Mc to a Fashion Revolution event at Bobbin & Ink in Petersham, but I blogged about that over on Minimise Waste, so if you want pop over there to check it out.

My list of ten

Move - I have actually been trying to walk around a lot more. 

Meditate - Meditating in an attempt to ease my headaches.

Kind - Been slack the last couple of weeks in being kind to myself. Unless of course being laid up in bed with migraines is being kind to myself?

Connect - Connected at The Fashion Revolution event.

Food - Definitely get back into the foody thing. Baking and cooking up lots of good stuff for the family.

Flow - Still going with the flow.

Blog -  Still blogging my little heart out. Seriously I love it.

Budget - Sticking to it.

Fun - Had fun at the Fashion Revolution event and Futsal.

How has your week been?
Got any news to share?


Sunday, April 23, 2017

The week that was....SIXTEEN

After hitting up the football on Good Friday, I was in bed for the next two days with a migraine - oh the joys. Which caused me to miss a night at the ballet with Hubby, cue devastation.

DAMN Headaches! I just wish there was a way to get rid of them. They hinder my life way too much.

A short week at work is always a winner though! Even though the side effect of having a migraine seems to always be more headaches in the days that follow. Seriously - WINNING, right!

The highlight of my week was kicking off my new blog - Minimise Waste. You should definitely check it out. The fam-bam and I have started on a journey to minimise our waste and declutter our lives, so far so good and so far everyone is on board.

The kids went to my parentals for a couple of nights this week, which was delightful - I am not going to lie. I do tend to walk around wondering what to do when they are not here and then I realise I can do whatever the hell I want to do!

Souths were back playing on Friday again this week - I have never been more angry over a game of football....nuff said.

My list of ten

Move - Attempted to move a lot yesterday - another migraine. 

Meditate - Didn't meditate enough  this week.

Kind - Still reading The Happiness Project and implementing some changes - watch this space.

Connect - Don't feel I connected enough again this week.

Food - Ho-hum on the food this week.

Flow - Still going with the flow.

Blog - Blogging my little heart out this week.

Budget - Sticking to it.

Fun - Eh, could have done with a lot more this week.

How was your week?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The week that was....FOURTEEN & FIFTEEN

Another two weeks jammed into one post! Oh the indignity.

Have to admit though, not much to report for these two weeks. Life just plodded along, day after day and turned into two weeks.

School holidays commenced in NSW. I took my little miss to the office on Monday. She was so excited about it - I was thinking her expectations were a wee bit high, I mean I am never excited to go there. All in all she was great....much better behaved than at home. Her highlight was the hot chocolate machine.

So why stop there I thought....I took both my little miss and little mr to the office on Wednesday. Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking? Actually I know what I was thinking....Another guy from work was taking his three kids, his youngest also aged four, so I agreed to take my little man too. Never again. The End.

Admittedly, they weren't that bad. But the high stress level that you are in all day making sure they are quiet enough, tidy enough, respectful enough - not worth it.

Last weekend we had a family lunch for Dad's birthday. He will be seventy next year - my anxiety levels rise the older he gets. Morbid I know. I also know that he won't be around forever and that thought paralyses me with a fear I would never be able to explain.

Good Friday saw us busing it to the football - Bunnies vs Bulldogs. Seriously, how is awesome is live sport. I love it. For me there is no better way to vent frustration than screaming and yelling at grown men running around a football field. Seriously how shit is it when your team doesn't win though.

My list of ten

Move - Still moving and challenging friends on fitbit (who are currently whipping my butt). 

Meditate - Still meditating and loving it.

Kind - Still reading The Happiness Project and implementing some changes - watch this space.

Connect - Don't feel I connected enough.

Food - Don't feel I ate enough great food.

Flow - Definitely going with the flow a lot more - I think The Happiness Project is helping.

Blog - Ummm....Eh, one week but Tickety BOOM the next.

Budget - Sticking to it.


How was your week...2 weeks?


Monday, April 3, 2017

The week that was....THIRTEEN

Saturday 25 March to Sunday 2 April has been a massive, emotional, fun-packed week!!

Saturday 25 March was the wedding of the year - two of our closest friends got hitched...on our wedding anniversary! No better date to get married in my opinion.

G-Bear is Hubbys best man and has always had a special place in my heart. His quirks, craziness and massive heart make him a unique and wonderful human being. Now he is married to another exceptional and amazing human, the new Mrs C. Together they are two pieces of the same puzzle that just fit so seamlessly together. Seeing them get married was an absolute emotional pleasure, and yes I cried a flood of tears.

Sunday 26 March saw the lovely little Master W come in to the world. He is the new little bundle of snugglie goodness for our neighbours, Mr and Mrs W. You quickly forget how small and squishy newborn babes are - I could seriously hold this kid and kiss his head all day!

Monday to Thursday was work - bleh. There is no real need to bring down the mood of the week with talk of another restructure and another exec biting the dust. Seriously sometimes work feels like Survivor - the tribe has spoken and you are OUT! Basically lots of change is happening and along with that comes a lot of uncertainty...but like I said no point talking about it here this week.

Friday 31 March to Sunday 2 April I traveled to Avalon on the Northern Beaches with my positively fabulous group of dancing girlfriends. Quite honestly one of the bestest bunch of women on the planet, actually the whole universe! We went out to dinner, long lunched, did a puzzle (very therapeutic), drank margaritas, conversed without interruption and slept in!

The whole weekend was in honour of my BFF, Mrs M, as she prepares to embark on her Aussie adventure. You see, her and her family are off in a caravan around Australia for nine months. While they are away they will be scoping locations to call I in complete denial that she will be away for nine months, yes I am. Am I also in complete denial that she may not be living in Sydney when their holiday is over, yes I am.

My list of ten

Move - Still moving. I even ran again at Futsal!

Meditate - Still meditating and loving it.

Kind - Still reading The Happiness Project and implementing some changes - watch this space.

Connect - Connected my arse off this week.

Food - Had some awesome food this week. The girls and I went for lunch at Clareville Kiosk on Saturday - AMAZING.

Flow - Definitely going with the flow a lot more - I think The Happiness Project is helping.

Blog - Tickety BOOM.

Budget - Eh, we have been wavering of late. But back on track this week.

Fun - Jam packed fun this week.

How has your week been?


Saturday, March 25, 2017

The weeks that were....ELEVEN & TWELVE

I can't even remember why I didn't blog last week. Digging in my memory, perhaps it was a bad headache on Sunday. I've had a couple this week.

But on the bright side, I have decided it's time to  be happy again.

Work is settling down after my boss and I started to implement the  changes we discussed. I have also kicked off a "make the whole team happy" discussion with the managers across our department. The negativity and miserableness just has to go!

All in all, some really positive things are happening.

I started playing Futsal with a group of mums from school. I had never played soccer before, or even run for that matter. Our first game was last week. We played what seemed to be a semi-professional team. As we were talking about what the hell the rules actually were in this game, in walked a group of younger women in matching shirts and official indoor soccer boots - I was sure they were representing some kind of Australian team. We didn't win our first game, but we had a lot of fun in the process of conceding 18 goals.

My little lady has been hard work lately and the straw broke the camels back this week when the meltdowns and anxieties hit a high, so we are heading back to her counselor which will be of benefit to everyone. It really is so very tough to see her trying to deal with her anxieties as I know exactly how she is feeling - it breaks me heart.

Last weekend I attended a Hens Party for the every lovely soon-to-be Mrs C. It was great to dress up, get up and go out. We went to the Tea Cosy in The Rocks for High Tea and then ventured to The Observer for drinks - no Strawberry Daiquiris though. Seriously! How hard is it to get a cocktail in this city!

My list of ten 

Move - Still moving. I even ran!

Meditate - Still meditating. Taking lots of deep breaths.

Kind - Still reading - I have finished The Girl in the Spider's Web. Loved it. Now I am onto The Happiness Project....really trying to inject some serious positivity and happiness in my life and the life of others.

Connect - Connected with some lovely women at the High Tea for Mrs C.

Food - Still loving food. This week I have been craving chips & gravy...I have however not indulged.

Flow - Getting back into my flow at lot more these past two weeks and thank goodness!

Blog - No tick and then tick.

Budget - Same, same really.

Fun - Futsal, definitely fun. And deciding to be happy again, definitely fun.

How have you been?
What are your tips for happy?


Sunday, March 12, 2017

The week that was....TEN

There was only one place to go after last week and that was UP!

Literally spent so many hours this week talking to my boss about how we could work together to make my life easier. I am very fortunate he is so supportive. We have already started to put some new work processes in place that will really help take the stress off.

Tuesday saw me heading to the new ICC at Darling Harbour to the Simon Sinek and Peter Docker's Start with Why Leadership Forum. Totally blown away. Simon Sinek is an amazing speaker, so engaging and motivating. You really buy what he is selling. It was definitely a very inspiring day.

I spent time with two of my favourite people this week; my BFF Mrs M and my brother B.

Mrs M and I headed to Camperdown Commons for dinner on Wednesday night - such a great place, lovely atmosphere, great food, awesome company. Spending time together is always the deep breath I need.

Brother B and I went to the Treehouse for lunch on Friday. It has been so long since it was just the two of us hanging out, shooting the breeze. It was so lovely to catch up with him and to hear about his life.

Hubby was away for the weekend at a Buck's weekend. They have definitely tamed since we got married - an exceptionally good thing. The kids and I have been making slime (yep, more slime), going out for coffee & cake, watching Souths play and having movie nights.

My list of ten 

Move - Moved a lot more this week, which is always a good thing.

Meditate - Meditating more too.
Kind - Still loving the time I am spending reading. The Girl in the Spider's Web is so captivating I find it hard to put down to actually sleep. 

Connect - Connecting with my favourite people as I mentioned.

Food - I ate a bit this week but still had great wholesome foods - seriously check out Camperdown Commons if you can, it is great.

Flow - My flow is definitely a lot less clogged this week, which makes for a happier Sam and also teng

Blog - Tick.

Budget - Same, same really.

Fun - Definitely had fun this week with my favourite peeps and hanging out with my littlest monkeys.

How has your week been?