Saturday, July 8, 2017

The week that was....TWENTY SEVEN

After arriving home on Saturday from our wonderful Hawaiian holiday I smacked into Sunday with an awful sense of foreboding and anxiety about being back to "real life" and having to face the work week.

Throw into my pot of overwhelm some emotional issues that my little miss is trying to deal with and I was quite the spectacle by Sunday evening.

But alas every day is a new day.

So, Monday I smiled and headed into the office with my little miss by my side (school holidays in NSW at the moment) and things had gone completely 180 degrees at work in the two weeks I was away and more of my friends had been made redundant and I was feeling totally disorientated with priority and process changes....but Monday also means Monday night dinner with the neighbours, so that made up for all the BS during the day.

This week also saw me catching up with my new Integrative GP, Dr Mac, to find out the results of my recent blood and urine tests - I have a pyrrole disorder, which means that I excrete large amounts of zinc and B6 in my urine, apparently not a good thing.

She gave me a list of things to take to try and get everything back on track so my body can actually keep the good stuff and only excrete the bad stuff. Next appointment is in six weeks where we talk about getting my gut back in order.

My little miss also had an appointment with a new psychologist - so far so good from what we saw in the introductory meet & greet session. The clinic also has two gorgeous little snoodles - so little miss was rapt.

The highlight of the week was seeing Wonder Woman with Mrs W - seriously if you get the chance to check it out at the movies, you should!

Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine does okay in keeping up with her as Steve Trevor, the soldier who stumbles upon the Amazons existence.

I love movies - especially ones with strong, powerful characters. They give me such an injection of adrenalin and "arrhh, I can do this" I am aimed at the weekend with confidence and a go-get-em attitude.

Being back at work isn't all that bad though as it means Ladies Lunches with three lovely women that have formed part of my inner sanctum. They are such strong, funny, intelligent women and I love our catch ups and banters about all of life.

It seriously helps to keep some sanity at work.

My list of ten

Move - Totally slack this week, after I walked a lot in Hawaii.

Meditate - Have meditated a lot lately.

Kind - Hawaii was our way of being kind to the whole family.

Connect - Hawaii was also our way of connecting as a family.

Food - My food has been good - really don't have a choice lately.

Flow - Really, really trying to go with the flow.

Blog -  Still blogging - even though I missed several weeks....oopps.

Budget - Got to get back in to it now that we are back from holidays.

Fun - Highlights - Monday night dinner, Wonder Woman, Futsal and Friday lunch with the ladies.

How are you going?


{WW image}

Our Hawaii Trip - Week One

The view from our room

Monday, 19 June 2017

The fam bam and I boarded a Jetstar flight (picked up in the massive sales they had) to Honolulu, Hawaii. Nine and half hours of flight! Give me strength. The idea was to fly during the night and try to get some sleep - wishful thinking. I always seem to forget how hard it is to sleep on a plane.

We landed in Honolulu completely fatigued with a sick four year old boy and transferred to Kona on the Big Island for our first week in Hawaii - so yep that was another flight.

Hot Tip: Pack the Fess Nose spray and Kids Panadol in your carry on luggage NOT your checked in luggage! 

We arrived in Kona, picked up our hire car and continued to chant, "Stay right, stay right".

Hot Tip: I had booked the hire car online thinking I got a great deal - I didn't. The United States are great at adding taxes for this, that and the other and then just adding tax on for shits and giggles - so be warned when you get to pick up your car, your great deal will have you in tears.

The lava rock landscape
As we drove out of the airport I was really shocked by the landscape of the Big Island. Basically from the airport to Hapuna Beach was littered with lava rock.

That first day was basically about finding our bearings and getting some brekkie and snack supplies.

Beach time relaxing

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

We slept in on our first day in Hawaii, which pretty much turned into the theme of the holiday.

Our little man was struck down with a really bad cold (but I have discovered that he is such a trooper) and everyone else was feeling the effects of jetlag, so a quiet day by the pool and relaxing on the beach was in order.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

This was a special day as our little miss turned NINE! We jumped in the car and headed on a road trip to the Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park, which was a two and a half hour drive from where we were staying on the Kona coast, through Hilo and down to the Volcanoes.

We opted to do the park ourselves, however there are tours that can take you around - but we feel we got enough out of it.

Our trip to the Volcanoes was definitely the trip highlight for everyone. We saw actual lava! To say it was amazing is an understatement. If you are heading to the Big Island you'd be totally and utterly nuts not to go and see the volcanoes.

Kīlauea volcano
On arrival we went to the visitor centre which outlined where we could go in the time we had available. We headed along the Crater Rim Drive to the Steam vents, the ground was warm beneath our feet as steam shot out of the vents dotted around the area.

Next stop was the Jaggar Museum, which also has an overlook of the Kīlauea volcano - this is where we saw the actual lava as it swished and swirled in the volcano. Apparently at sunrise and sunset you can see the glow of the lava in the crater too. The active vent is located within the Halema‘uma‘u Crater in the caldera of Kīlauea.

The museum had various lava rocks and Thomas Jaggar's suit (non too protective) on display. There was a seismometer so the kids had fun jumping and making the biggest earthquakes.

The Thurston Lava Tube
The road was closed further past the Jaggar Museum (due to dangerous conditions) so we backed tracked and headed for the Thurston Lava Tubes (there was an alert on the tubes due to low lying water the lights were out so it was recommended to bring a torch - and of course we forgot) - but we took the two steps into the tube before it go pitch black and we had to turn around. These tubes were made by a volcanic eruption - seriously amazing stuff.

Our last stop was the Devastation Trail, where we could walk along a paved path to look at the landscape that was buried by during the 1959 Kilauea Iki lava fountain eruption.

The Devastation Trail
There are more hikes you can do but with two kids under ten it was not recommended as they could be up to four hours long - which does take you to where the lava flows into the ocean so highly recommended if you are up to it.

The Fam Bam

Thursday, 22 June 2017

After all the excitement from Wednesday we decided we would have another quiet day by the pool and lazing on the beach.

Friday 23 June

Friday was to be our last full day on the Big Island, so we ventured out - our first stop was the only black sand beach on the Kona coast, 49 Black Sand Beach which is situated on a volcanic bay near Mauna Lani Resort.

This beach was formed by a 19th century lava flow that originated 50 miles away on the slopes of Mauna Loa and is now composed primarily of fine grains of lava.
Black Sand Beach

It is a small beach that is actually in a gated community type situation, so you need to gain access at a guard post (is that the right terminology?) and there are only about 20 car spots available for the public. Our first attempt at getting in, the car park was full but we were told to go to the shops for a bit and come back and try again - so that is exactly what we did. When we came back the second time we gained access.

Have to say we were not blown away by the black sand beach - it was hot, really, really hot in fact. We ran across the black sand in our thongs to the water like our lives depended on it.... I am pretty sure I received third degree burns to the soles of my feet.

The sand that headed into the water was extremely rocky so was destined to cut someones feet to pieces....and then it turned very quickly to coral. When my little man told me he needed to toilet, which meant a trip back over the sand, I declared it game over so we ran like Usain Bolt back to the car (via the toilet).

Black Sand Beach
Hot Tip: If you are going to the Black Sand Beach - wear aqua shoes, take googles and a snorkel and pack a beach umbrella.

Next stop was the Visitor Information Station on Mauana Kea, which is 2.1km above sea level. We had big hopes of taking part in the Stargazing program (which only runs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 6pm to 10pm, weather permitting).

We arrived at about 5.30pm, because as per usual parking is limited and we wanted to make sure we didn't miss out. The weather upon arrival was poor - it was raining and completely fogged over. We waited and waited for it to improve. One of the girls that worked there told us that they don't take out the telescopes of there is any moisture, when asked if she thought it would fine up, she replied with "I don't like to make predictions like that" we waited and waited a little more. The weather did not fine up so we headed back to the hotel having seen no stars.

Hot Tip: Take warm clothes as the higher up you go, the colder it gets. By the time we reached the Visitor Information Station it was down to about 11 degrees from 35 degrees when we were at Black Sand Beach.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Saturday morning was a lazy saunter to the beach for our last swim on the Big Island, then we packed up and headed back to the airport for our next adventure at Waikiki.

Have you been to Hawaii?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The week that was....NINETEEN through TWENTY SIX

Sometimes the days are hard and sometimes they are even harder. You know the ones where you just don't want to get out of bed. I feel like that is what it has been like lately. It is been so long since my last blog post.

I have so many thoughts, fears, hopes and goals floating around in my head lately. I just don't know if I am Arthur or Martha or R2D2.

Too many questions, not enough answers lately.

Recently I found out that I have zero good gut bacteria and an overgrowth of bad bacteria with a parasite thrown in for good measure. I am seeing an Integrative GP in Manly to try to sort things out - as this kind of gut is apparently not good and will take a lot of hard work to get it back to "normal".

In my initial appointment I was totally overwhelmed with information I had blurred vision. It took a few weeks to come to terms with what has to be done. First step was to get rid of the parasite - the antibiotics were so awful I was extremely unwell for the whole ten days.

I can't even talk about work - it SUX. The End. But I have goals and plans for the next six months - get my gut sorted and complete my Project Management certification.

I think that is it for now.

Anyone got anything uplifting to share?


Sunday, May 7, 2017

The week that was....EIGHTEEN

What a manic week! I have hit the weekend totally exhausted.

It started like any other - Monday night dinner at the neighbours, always fantastic. Tuesday passed by rather uneventfully. Then my boss arrived from New Zealand on Wednesday, it seems to always be hectic when he is in town - especially at the moment as we stare down the barrel of a team restructure and a massive migration.

Wednesday night we had a farewell for one of our execs. It was a cruise around the harbour on a very glamorous motor yacht that is currently owned by the previous CEO of my company......

and yep, this really is a photo of the actual boat, which is for sale, so it could be yours for $6.75 million. 

Thursday evening I dined with my wonderfully wonderful BFF, Mrs M, who is heading off on her nine month around Australia adventure this weekend. I was in complete denial that it was happening until this week - you see for the past 20 odd years we have lived about 20 minutes max away from each other (give or take a year here or there for Hong Kong and Eurpoean adventures) - so it hit me like a tonne of bricks falling from a great height. Especially because they may not be returning to Sydney to live when the adventure is over......but never say never. 

And it doesn't really matter where we are in the world, we will always be there for each other, no matter what.

The weekend sun shone over Saturday and Sunday which was lovely. Saturday we had both sets of Mr & Mrs C's over and their gorgeous boys for a BBQ lunch - of course it was lovely. After a few grown-up beverages Hubby decided it was a good idea to run and jump over the pool fence into the pool - he survived unscathed....which is very lucky for him.

My list of ten

Move - I actually went for a walk  this week - not just incidental walking!

Meditate - Loving my train trip meditations.

Kind - Meditating and walking is being kind to myself.

Connect - Definitely connected this week.

Food - Currently I am addicted to and in an attempt to make some healthy snacks for everyone.

Flow - Still going with the flow.

Blog -  Still blogging my little heart out. Seriously I love it.

Budget - Sticking to it.

Fun - Lots of fun this week.

How was your week?


Sunday, April 30, 2017

The week that was...SEVENTEEN

I know I say this more often than not, but holy shit, time is flying! Even my eight year old said it to me this week - so it must be true!

This week was once again peppered with headaches that culminated into a migraine. Seriously life altering and something that really needs to be dealt with and flipping fast. But I have no clue at this stage where to start. I mean I have seen chiropractors, physios, osteopaths, headache specialists, GPs, naturopaths - I could go on. It is really an exhausting part of my life that contributes a lot to my depression as well.

School returned to Term 2 this week, so we are back into swimming, piano and singing lessons, which also means tight routines and serious meal planning. But the kids are smiling - most of the time so that is winning. I think.

Thursday night was once again, Futsal night, we came second, 11 to 2. We got 2 goals because they were late - the advantage of playing the earlier game of the night. I am seriously loving it though and feel I am getting better each week - at least I hope I am.

Friday night I went along with Ms Mc to a Fashion Revolution event at Bobbin & Ink in Petersham, but I blogged about that over on Minimise Waste, so if you want pop over there to check it out.

My list of ten

Move - I have actually been trying to walk around a lot more. 

Meditate - Meditating in an attempt to ease my headaches.

Kind - Been slack the last couple of weeks in being kind to myself. Unless of course being laid up in bed with migraines is being kind to myself?

Connect - Connected at The Fashion Revolution event.

Food - Definitely get back into the foody thing. Baking and cooking up lots of good stuff for the family.

Flow - Still going with the flow.

Blog -  Still blogging my little heart out. Seriously I love it.

Budget - Sticking to it.

Fun - Had fun at the Fashion Revolution event and Futsal.

How has your week been?
Got any news to share?


Sunday, April 23, 2017

The week that was....SIXTEEN

After hitting up the football on Good Friday, I was in bed for the next two days with a migraine - oh the joys. Which caused me to miss a night at the ballet with Hubby, cue devastation.

DAMN Headaches! I just wish there was a way to get rid of them. They hinder my life way too much.

A short week at work is always a winner though! Even though the side effect of having a migraine seems to always be more headaches in the days that follow. Seriously - WINNING, right!

The highlight of my week was kicking off my new blog - Minimise Waste. You should definitely check it out. The fam-bam and I have started on a journey to minimise our waste and declutter our lives, so far so good and so far everyone is on board.

The kids went to my parentals for a couple of nights this week, which was delightful - I am not going to lie. I do tend to walk around wondering what to do when they are not here and then I realise I can do whatever the hell I want to do!

Souths were back playing on Friday again this week - I have never been more angry over a game of football....nuff said.

My list of ten

Move - Attempted to move a lot yesterday - another migraine. 

Meditate - Didn't meditate enough  this week.

Kind - Still reading The Happiness Project and implementing some changes - watch this space.

Connect - Don't feel I connected enough again this week.

Food - Ho-hum on the food this week.

Flow - Still going with the flow.

Blog - Blogging my little heart out this week.

Budget - Sticking to it.

Fun - Eh, could have done with a lot more this week.

How was your week?

Sunday, April 16, 2017

The week that was....FOURTEEN & FIFTEEN

Another two weeks jammed into one post! Oh the indignity.

Have to admit though, not much to report for these two weeks. Life just plodded along, day after day and turned into two weeks.

School holidays commenced in NSW. I took my little miss to the office on Monday. She was so excited about it - I was thinking her expectations were a wee bit high, I mean I am never excited to go there. All in all she was great....much better behaved than at home. Her highlight was the hot chocolate machine.

So why stop there I thought....I took both my little miss and little mr to the office on Wednesday. Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking? Actually I know what I was thinking....Another guy from work was taking his three kids, his youngest also aged four, so I agreed to take my little man too. Never again. The End.

Admittedly, they weren't that bad. But the high stress level that you are in all day making sure they are quiet enough, tidy enough, respectful enough - not worth it.

Last weekend we had a family lunch for Dad's birthday. He will be seventy next year - my anxiety levels rise the older he gets. Morbid I know. I also know that he won't be around forever and that thought paralyses me with a fear I would never be able to explain.

Good Friday saw us busing it to the football - Bunnies vs Bulldogs. Seriously, how is awesome is live sport. I love it. For me there is no better way to vent frustration than screaming and yelling at grown men running around a football field. Seriously how shit is it when your team doesn't win though.

My list of ten

Move - Still moving and challenging friends on fitbit (who are currently whipping my butt). 

Meditate - Still meditating and loving it.

Kind - Still reading The Happiness Project and implementing some changes - watch this space.

Connect - Don't feel I connected enough.

Food - Don't feel I ate enough great food.

Flow - Definitely going with the flow a lot more - I think The Happiness Project is helping.

Blog - Ummm....Eh, one week but Tickety BOOM the next.

Budget - Sticking to it.


How was your week...2 weeks?