Sunday, February 7, 2016

{Renovation Junkies} The council waiting game...

Once all the relevant papers are lodged with the council comes the agonisingly long wait to see if you get approval.

I get the impression that our DA (Development Application) is fairly straightforward. But who ever really knows what is straightforward to the local council.

According to Luke, the guy at council assigned to our case, we have to go through a check with the Heritage department and a neighbour notification period of one month. All going well with those two things we should get approval.

If there are any major roadblocks to approval it will more than likely be the heritage department, because everything we are requesting to do must be inline with their rules and regulations.

Also, the length of time it takes to get approval will come down the heritage department too - the lady whose job this is only works two days per week and she deals with all heritage issues in the council's area.

Our neighbours recently completed a renovation, and their DA took six months to be approved....four of those months it was sitting in the heritage department.

I am not even sure of the average time to get DA approval - I guess every council varies and every DA is all a big fat unknown and the wait is killing us. I check up the website every day to see if there has been a change in our application status - there hasn't been!

Have you ever submitted a DA? How long did it take to get approval?

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