Friday, November 3, 2017

I Quit Sugar....again

According to people everywhere, sugar is bad for you. The dentist tells me, the Dr tells me, the Internet tells me and Sarah Wilson is constantly telling me.

Pack full of calories with no nutrients, it also feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth causing tooth decay. It is high in fructose which can overload your liver causing non-alcoholic fatty liver - delightful (not really).

It can cause insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. Not to mention it's fat-promoting effects leading to obesity mixed with it's ability to be highly addictive. Throw in some high cholesterol and heart disease and maybe people everywhere have a serious point!

I'm also throwing into the "sugar is shite" bucket the fact sugar is feeding the bad stuff in my already whacked out gut biome - not something I need to be feeding right now.

So....I am quitting sugar - again. You see I have tried before and failed miserably. Not this time. I am girl crushing on Sarah Wilson, her website and her book, Simpilicious in the hope some of her non-sugarness will rub off on me.

This week we have enjoyed the following recipes:

I wonder what next week will bring?

Have you quit sugar? Easy, Hard? Any tips to share?


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