Saturday, July 8, 2017

The week that was....TWENTY SEVEN

After arriving home on Saturday from our wonderful Hawaiian holiday I smacked into Sunday with an awful sense of foreboding and anxiety about being back to "real life" and having to face the work week.

Throw into my pot of overwhelm some emotional issues that my little miss is trying to deal with and I was quite the spectacle by Sunday evening.

But alas every day is a new day.

So, Monday I smiled and headed into the office with my little miss by my side (school holidays in NSW at the moment) and things had gone completely 180 degrees at work in the two weeks I was away and more of my friends had been made redundant and I was feeling totally disorientated with priority and process changes....but Monday also means Monday night dinner with the neighbours, so that made up for all the BS during the day.

This week also saw me catching up with my new Integrative GP, Dr Mac, to find out the results of my recent blood and urine tests - I have a pyrrole disorder, which means that I excrete large amounts of zinc and B6 in my urine, apparently not a good thing.

She gave me a list of things to take to try and get everything back on track so my body can actually keep the good stuff and only excrete the bad stuff. Next appointment is in six weeks where we talk about getting my gut back in order.

My little miss also had an appointment with a new psychologist - so far so good from what we saw in the introductory meet & greet session. The clinic also has two gorgeous little snoodles - so little miss was rapt.

The highlight of the week was seeing Wonder Woman with Mrs W - seriously if you get the chance to check it out at the movies, you should!

Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine does okay in keeping up with her as Steve Trevor, the soldier who stumbles upon the Amazons existence.

I love movies - especially ones with strong, powerful characters. They give me such an injection of adrenalin and "arrhh, I can do this" I am aimed at the weekend with confidence and a go-get-em attitude.

Being back at work isn't all that bad though as it means Ladies Lunches with three lovely women that have formed part of my inner sanctum. They are such strong, funny, intelligent women and I love our catch ups and banters about all of life.

It seriously helps to keep some sanity at work.

My list of ten

Move - Totally slack this week, after I walked a lot in Hawaii.

Meditate - Have meditated a lot lately.

Kind - Hawaii was our way of being kind to the whole family.

Connect - Hawaii was also our way of connecting as a family.

Food - My food has been good - really don't have a choice lately.

Flow - Really, really trying to go with the flow.

Blog -  Still blogging - even though I missed several weeks....oopps.

Budget - Got to get back in to it now that we are back from holidays.

Fun - Highlights - Monday night dinner, Wonder Woman, Futsal and Friday lunch with the ladies.

How are you going?


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