Sunday, January 24, 2016

{Renovation Junkies} All the ideas

As soon as you decide to renovate the amount of ideas that run through your head is unbelievable! My new addictions are Pinterest and any kind of home show - thank goodness Hubby got Foxtel for the Formula 1 racing.

Over several days, Hubby and I sat down together to mull over all these ideas, what were the main things we wanted to achieve with this renovation and how on earth did we think we could pull it off for a reasonable amount of money.

We both agreed that the two main things were a new kitchen and an extra bathroom. The thing that had us stumped was how on earth to shuffle our house puzzle pieces to accommodate our dream.

Oh and I should mention, also thrown into our renovation adventure is the fact that our house is heritage listed with council, which adds some complications - everything we do to the house needs council approval and must meet heritage standards, colours etc, etc.

The heritage part of our house is limited to the front, and thankfully we don't want to change that at all - but it does throw spanners if we want to add another level to the house, as that would change the look from the front.

The kitchen puzzle piece shuffle was easy, it would just move from the middle of the house to the edge, a bi-fold door would turn into a wall with a window...but how could it all fit in? I need a bigger kitchen! We didn't want to just move the teeny tiny kitchen from one place to another.

The extra bathroom, which would be an ensuite to the main bedroom was not so easy. Countless sleepless nights where our heads shifted puzzle pieces here and there, only to discover there would be no windows in the bedroom (we are a semi-detached dwelling).

Arh, crazy times!

So we did what any sensible person would do...asked James from Renovation Junkies if he could recommend an architect and he did...Stuart Formosa from Formosa Designs.

Have you used an architect before? Got any hints, tips to share?

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