Sunday, January 22, 2017

{Life} The week that was...THREE

Here we are, another week. 

Sunday definitely had the "crap, it is work again tomorrow" feels. That sinking feeling you get at about 4.30pm in the afternoon when you realise your two days of freedom with your family and friends are falling through your fingers like sands through the hourglass (nope I don't watch Days of our Lives).

Monday night was at the neighbours and as per usual was great. They knocked up some lamb chops with salad - delish. 

Work this week is still sucking the big fat cherry. My work BFF is back on deck and thank goodness. I may not have survived the issues and dramas from this week without him...and the rest of my very supportive team, who make me laugh when I need it most. After asking if anyone could tell me a joke to lighten the mood, one of my team mates shared this with me (and I love Sloths) -

The kids went to my parentals for a couple of nights of being totally spoilt rotten. I have to admit when they aren't around I actually miss them - little terrors! Hubby and I took the opportunity to go out to dinner and the movies (gold class, thanks Mark & Jules), to see Rogue One. Yep, we are massive Star Wars fans. 

My list of ten

Headaches plagued my week, so my steps were low. I totally blame work. But I did organise to meet a friend once a week at 5.30am to walk! Always easier with a buddy.

My chiropractor appointment will hopefully alleviate the headaches and get me back on track.

As part of being kinder to myself, I have started to chase my Minbalup (aboriginal word for "a happy place") and will blog about my journey in a hope to inspire others to do the same, so please head over the Minbalup section and let's talk about happy places. 

And this is my third week in a row blogging!

How was your week?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

{Life} The week that was...TWO

Back to work this week...boohoo!

I was hoping that when I returned it would all be "strawberry champagne all night" (thanks Bruno Mars for getting this song stuck in my head - check it out here, WASN'T.

There is still chaos, stress, too much to do, too little time, too many cooks and my work BFF isn't back until next week, so I have no-one to complain to about it - totes boo.

Monday night we slipped back into the rhythm of "Monday Night Dinner" with our awesome neighbours. It was at our place so I whipped up an easy peasy Thermie dinner. Easy for me to make that is, not so easy for Hubby to clean up as it uses every piece of Thermie apparatus.

Our littlest peep ticked over another year and is now four. Seriously I blinked and he is four. Gorgeous kid and he will always be my little man, no matter how old he gets.

The temp this week has been HOT, HOT, HOT - thank goodness for the pool and the kids loving the sprinkler under the trampoline. It wouldn't be summer in Australia though if the temperature wasn't topping out at over 40 degrees and we haven't even hit February yet, so hold onto your hats, t-shirts and sunblock for that.

We took the kids to their first Big Bash cricket game. Little Miss now tells me that she wants her team sport to be cricket and our little man is walking around with a cricket bat constantly.
It was the Sixers vs the Thunder, so a local derby. The women had a great game, they were drawn at the end of both innings and had to play a Super Over. The men weren't as exciting - the Sixers only scored 99.

My list of ten

Stumbled slightly with my walking this week (figuratively, not literally) and only got 34117 steps. Need 
to re-calibrate for next week.

Meditation and deep breathes have been really trying again to keep me grounded - it has been hard with work this week.

Still being kind to myself - headed back to the Chiropractor and he is already impressed with my posture progress. Heading back again next week and also booked in for an infrared sauna.

And this is my second week in a row blogging!

How was your week?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A very Turtle Birthday

So very hard to believe that my little man is ticking over 4 years old. Huh? How did this happen? What is going on? He is my baby, isn't he?

Apparently not anymore. Now he is my big boy.

(But to me he will always be my baby and there isn't much anyone can do about that)

This kid, seriously, he melts my heart. His big blue/green eyes with their dark black long lashes would be enough to melt any ones heart. He can be the sweetest of the sweet and turn on a five cent coin and scream in your face like a banshee when it's full moon. Typical kid. He loves his sister, Dad and I so fiercely and we love him back just as fierce.

This year we just celebrated with a family lunch. His request for lunch - pizza. His request for a cake, chocolate of course and made to look like Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle, not the Italian painter.

The pizza bases were made from scratch by yours truly. The "normal" (is there really such a thing) pizza base was from "The Basic Cook Book" for my Thermie and the gluten-free pizza base was from Quirky Cooking, also for my Thermie.

The chocolate cake was from the lovely Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim and once again for my Thermie. The cake decoration was by me - and let's just say thank god these turtles are mutant.

While I sweated away in the kitchen all day decorating the Rapha cake (still the Ninja Turtle, not the tennis player - much to my Mum's disappointment), making various pizza bases and concocting glamorous toppings, my little man was having a great time - which is always the main thing.

Got any birthdays in your house this week?


Sunday, January 8, 2017

{Life} The week that was...One

The week started with a BANG!

Well isn't that what you are supposed to say on the first day of a new year?

In my case, I wouldn't say BANG....I'd say exhausted. Tired, cranky kids are exhausting. The nagging, whinging and tantrums really wear you down. Late nights and sugar highs have so much to answer for! Also Hubby and I have been consumed with project "House Cleanup" in the week between Christmas and New Year, so the kids have been BORED.

But the whole week wasn't a complete tantrum write off - there were glimpses of smiles, peace and harmony.

We did we do?

We headed to the cinema to see Moana - gorgeous little flick. That Moana has some spunk. And Maui is voiced by Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock), BIG fan....nuff said.

Summer down under in Australia wouldn't be complete without a trip to the cricket, so I hit the SCG with Hubby, Brother B, Dad and Sir A. Normally a day at the cricket is accompanied with heat exhaustion and severe sun burn but not this year, it was actually freezing and my lips turned blue....but I did see Renshaw get his first century - good on him.

Not to be put off by a little rain, we went to the Zoo and got totally and utterly wet. But there were smiles aplenty at the Chimpanzee enclosure as they raced around and made aggressive noises at one another (apparently introducing new chimps can be a long process). The kids favourites were basically all the animals we actually saw - my favourite, the Meerkats, were put off by the rain and stayed nice and dry in their burrow.


Friends popped in here and there to swim, BBQ, check out the new digs and just be together.

The weekend saw us having a family celebration for a certain someone who is turning four! But there is a whole other blog post for that.

My list of ten

Off to a cracking start on my "list of ten". I walked 44971 steps and am set to improve that next week. I also blogged this week - WINNING.

Meditation and deep breathes really tried to help me go with the flow but also highlighted the fact that I have a long looong way to go.

Kindness is becoming a prominent word in my vocab. I have started seeing Mark, the Chiropractor who said I have a dodgy posture, followed by "but you knew that, didn't you?". Yep I did. But we are on a schedule to change all that and get rid of this neck and back pain.

As seen above, we had fun getting out and about and also staying in.

Study has become my new middle name as I actually read some chapters in my PMI Project Management book.

How was your week?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Holiday Handyman (or woman!)

What is with the holidays that scream "YOU MUST BE HANDY!"?

Any extended period of time spent at home and the handyman pull is strong. It nags and nags until the guilt is unbearable. Until you are dragging your sorry arse out of bed or off the couch, applying expired sunscreen and searching for the hat you haven't worn since last holidays.

You are pulled to the backyard to hack at hedges, pull at weeds, push a lawnmower up hill, nail some panels, paint some pylons, re-oil the deck...etc, etc.

Sometimes it pulls you to the houses insides to hang pictures, paint doors, re-organise kids spaces to make more room for all the extra "stuff" they have accumulated because it is holidays.

I could go on...and on...and on. But I am sure you get the idea as I am sure this has happened to each and everyone one of you in the past.

Hubby and I have been afflicted these holidays - the fallout is that the house looks amazing. On the flip side, the kids weren't particularly happy about the situation - their screams were more like, "I AM BORED. HOW MUCH LONGER? ARE YOU FINISHED YET? I AM BORED".

But rest assured, it is all done and dusted now, no more screaming from the holidays or the kids - well not about the handyman affliction anyway....until next year that is.

Have you been a Holiday Handyman (or woman) these holidays?


Sunday, January 1, 2017

{Life} Ten things to tick off my list in 2017

  1. Move EVERY day
    Gotta hit those 10,000 steps per day! and become a fit, healthy version of me!

  2. Meditate regularly
    I love to meditate, it really improves my mental well being. 

  3. Be Kinder - to myself
    I really need to learn to be kinder to myself. Kindness is such a wonderful trait. I love to show kindness to people - not so good at showing it to myself.
  4. Eat more wholesome foods
    As part of getting back on track with healthy and fit Sam 2017, the family and I are going to be eating a lot less from packets and a lot more from the garden.

  5. Go with the flow
    Chill out as much as I can and just go with the flow. My stress levels at the end of 2016 were way too high - change must happen. 

  6. Blog every week
    I love to blog and didn't do enough of it last year - again, change must happen.

  7. Connect with friends and families
    Pick up the phone more often to talk to friends and family. Make an effort to have a lunch a month with a friend.
  8. Stick to the budget
    Now the renovation dust has settled - it is time to get serious about sticking to our budget.
  9. Have more fun
    Organise outings with the kids, Hubby, family and friends, even just picnics in the park or bike rides. Go to the beach more - I love the beach.

  10. Get my PMI-ACP certification
    In the work side of my life I am a project manager and am setting the goal this year to get my Agile certification.

Are you ticking anything off the list this year?

Saturday, December 31, 2016

{Life} The one where I gained a few kg's

It seems that my decadent #MonthofSam and our three months of living out of home, which was full of unhealthy eating and no exercise have left behind some unwanted kilograms - DAMN IT!

I started last year with the mindset to be a fitter, healthier version of myself and got off to a cracking start. I was meditating regularly (which I still do), exercising, eating healthily, seeing a naturopath - I am sure you get the idea.

But come mid year, what with winter in full swing and my SAD kicking in and the renovation ramping up, the fitter, heatlhier Sam seemed to be wavering.

Roll on September and our move out the of house to make way for demolition and builders and we were all of sudden eating a lot of takeaway food.

Then came November and the #MonthOfSam with all the food and drink - oh the joy!

All of that, mixed in with work stress, renovation stress, kid stress which resulted in chocolate and biscuit quick fixes.....and fitter, healthier me was nowhere to be seen - she had gone.

Now it is December and the realisation of these extra kilos has really started to sink in. Queue depression, body issues and extreme low self esteem - the triple threat! It seriously messes with your head. Mirrors are the enemy, exaggerating (and then some) your flaws and flab. Clothes you used to love, don't love you back anymore. You feel everywhere you go there are judgey eyes and side way glances teamed with whispers.

But enough of that - it is time to also queue a reset of the mindset - back to the fitter, healthier Sam.

So, what does that mean...well it means healthy eating, no more takeaways or fast food (for anyone in the family) and it means exercising, I have signed up for a round of 12wbt to get me right back on track and am striving to hit 10,000 steps per day.

Deep breath (and lots of them).

Have unwanted kg's snuck up on you? 
Have you had a reset of the mindset?