Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What are bad words?

Over the weekend Hubby and I watched one of Jason Bateman's latest flicks, Bad Words. It wasn't too bad, parts of it were extremely laugh-out-loud funny, others were totally cringe worthy.

It definitely didn't take too much thinking about the plot or characters - always good for an easy Saturday night.

Bad Words sees a middle-aged eighth grade dropout, played by Bateman, enter the National Quill Spelling Bee. Cue crazed pushy parents, over achieving kids, really big words and a very menacing Bateman.

Batemans character, Guy Trilby, has a take-no-prisoners approach to life as he hijacks this spelling bee whilst also travelling with a reporter trying to uncover his motivation for entering the competition.

His motivation became clear to me in the early stages of the movie so I started to focus on the "bad words". What are bad words? Don't the differ for everyone?

Bateman uses a lot of "bad words" in this movie, he drops the F bomb on more than several occasions.

Trilby is also extremely non-PC, taunting parents and children alike with racist, sexist and ageist remarks.

The extremely hurtful words he uses to menace his competition are also "bad", in one instance Bateman convinces another contestant that his mum slept with him the night before. The poor kid ran off completely devastated.

Clearly the title, "Bad Words" is spot on!

Have you seen it?

What is your idea of Bad Words?


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