Monday, September 2, 2013

It really was Dad's day

This year Hubby's birthday fell smack bang on Fathers Day! Score for me, not so much for him. Well, actually the whole weekend turned into a celebration of his birthday and Fathers Day so a win for him.

On Saturday we caught the ferry to The Rocks and went to Caminetto's restaurant, which is in one of the back streets and definitely worth visiting as the food is great.

Our little miss loved the fairy ride and inundated Hubby with a zillion questions about what, when and why everything. Our little mr also loved the trip as did the group of ladies he was charming in the seats next to us (I have a feeling this guy is goin' to be trouble).

Our little miss was intigued the buskers and artists that line the path from the ferry wharf to The Rocks. She was totally mesmerised by the statutes and amazed when she realised they were actually people.

What she didn't find particularly fascinating and neither did we, was the homeless man who wanted to put oats on our head to get pigeons and seagulls to nest in our hair. I am really not a pigeon fan.

After lunch we took advantage of the wonderful Sydney weather and walked around The Rocks and along the foreshore.

little miss and her Daddy

On Sunday, Hubby had a sleep in, much to the annoyance of little miss who just wanted to give him his presents. Once I had given the all clear she took a running jump onto the bed, probably much to the annoyance of Hubby. Then she proceeded to "help" him open his presents, "This one is a bit hard to open Daddy, so I will help you."

Lunch was at my brother and sis-in-law's place with my parents and they didn't disappoint! Seriously these two are frickin' awesome. I always ask if I can bring anything, my sis-in-law always says that she is just doing something simply and we arrive to a delectable feast with three different desserts on offer!

All in all, a great weekend.

Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday Hubby. We love you all the way to the moon and back again :)

Did you have a fabulous weekend and Father's Day? 

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