Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My night with P!nk

Tickets were purchased frantically 11 months ago. I was pregnant at the time and calculated when the time came I would have a 7.5 month old. It seemed like so far away.

11 months ticked by, slowly at times, fast at others and all of a sudden it was time. Excitement filled the air.

As soon as Hubby walked in the door from work, I walked out to my night with P!nk.

I hustled and bustled with the other 16,999 people in attendance to meet my friend. There were kids as young as eight and grown-ups aged up to 60 and over. I had thoughts that my friend and I would be the oldest there! She really does appeal to a wide audience.

We showed our tickets at the door, the usher looked at us with a sad face and said, "Second last row". After receiving our directions to our seats, we climbed higher and higher into the clouds. The floor got stickier and stickier, I mentioned that was to keep your feet stuck to the ground so you didn't go tumbling all the way to the bottom. 

We eventually reached our seats, albeit with a touch of vertigo. We estimated that we were about 100m away from the stage but we didn't care.

As we waited for the main event, there were the usual crowd antics of bum dancing on the big screen and attempts at the Mexican wave. 

Finally the lights dimmed and screams erupted. What followed was amazing, I have long been a P!nk fan and she didn't disappoint. 

As soon as she started singing I got that shot of optimism that I seem to get from her music. I love to sing her music out loud. It is like a sort of therapy.

During the concert she admitted to wanting to learn new things on each tour, to challenge herself. This tour she has learned acrobatics and to play one of her songs, The Great Escape, on the piano. Both were amazing and left me wanting to learn some acrobatics. As she soared above the crowd she looked like she was having the time of her life.

Her stage presence is great, she includes the audience from the get-go, stopping to collect gifts, sign autographs, take pictures and to regal us with tales of her husband, Carey and daughter, Willow.

It was easy to tell that Willow has had a massive impact on her life and her music. At this concert she didn't use the F word once. If you are a P!nk fan you know that some of her popular songs contain several F-bombs. She commented that with so many little ones in the audience she just couldn't bring herself to look into their faces and say it now. 

I have always thought she was a spunky, confident, funny lady and this night with her just cemented that for me. I have no problem at all with her being a role model for my daughter. 

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Doesn't this acrobatics look like fun? 
Is music a sort of therapy for you?
Who would you have as role models for your kids?

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