Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A perfect day for a whinge

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 I don't like to whinge....but here goes....

I have just ticked over 33 weeks in Bub#2's pregnancy. I really wish I had just ticked over 39 weeks or even the jackpot of 40 weeks!

This pregnancy is getting very uncomfortable. I lose my ankles and knuckles often - the heat! MY GOD THE HEAT! And I have no frickin' idea what has happened to my calves.

Walking is getting difficult as my lungs are squished somewhere up near my throat and I can't even talk about my damn "Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction" without having a complete meltdown.

Bub#2 really seems to have a fascination with dancing a jig at all hours of the day or night - and can I express how painful it is at times to have someone doing this on your internals! There are elbows, knees, head and bum poking out everywhere! (Little Miss 4 does like when this happens though as she gets to feel the baby and often asks me if the babies bum is sticking out of my stomach again.)

There is one advantage to only being 33 weeks, by the time I actually tick over to full term and hopefully labour my obstetrician should be fully healed.

Did I forget to mention he had a motorbike accident (on a motorbike that Hubby and I probably paid for)? The outcome was broken ribs, punctuated lung and a broken collarbone - thankfully that was all, it could have been a lot worse. Rumor has it though that he will be healed in time to deliver babies again in mid January. After all the time and money spent with this guy I can't imagine having another doctor to deliver Bub#2.

I said to Hubby this morning, "I am ready for this kid to come out.....but I bet when it comes out I will be saying that I want it back in!". He replied, "Yep" with a knowing look on his face - he must have heard all this before somewhere.

Do you want to have a whinge today?


  1. Sam,
    Whinge away, was also ready for #2 right up until I wakled into the hospital - different matter then.
    Can't believe that the time has gone so quickly, well so it seems anyway.
    Take care of you and baby.
    Love Robyn R (WA)

  2. Yes please... My one day without Charli and my little man decided it was too hot to sleep today and didn't want mummy to get anything done! Here I sit now with him still and I would really like to sleep myself!!! But I must admit I do love spending the day with him and cuddles...as missy takes lots of my time!
    Big hugs to u all xxx

    1. Poor little man in this heat!!
      Hugs to you all too. xo