Monday, April 3, 2017

The week that was....THIRTEEN

Saturday 25 March to Sunday 2 April has been a massive, emotional, fun-packed week!!

Saturday 25 March was the wedding of the year - two of our closest friends got hitched...on our wedding anniversary! No better date to get married in my opinion.

G-Bear is Hubbys best man and has always had a special place in my heart. His quirks, craziness and massive heart make him a unique and wonderful human being. Now he is married to another exceptional and amazing human, the new Mrs C. Together they are two pieces of the same puzzle that just fit so seamlessly together. Seeing them get married was an absolute emotional pleasure, and yes I cried a flood of tears.

Sunday 26 March saw the lovely little Master W come in to the world. He is the new little bundle of snugglie goodness for our neighbours, Mr and Mrs W. You quickly forget how small and squishy newborn babes are - I could seriously hold this kid and kiss his head all day!

Monday to Thursday was work - bleh. There is no real need to bring down the mood of the week with talk of another restructure and another exec biting the dust. Seriously sometimes work feels like Survivor - the tribe has spoken and you are OUT! Basically lots of change is happening and along with that comes a lot of uncertainty...but like I said no point talking about it here this week.

Friday 31 March to Sunday 2 April I traveled to Avalon on the Northern Beaches with my positively fabulous group of dancing girlfriends. Quite honestly one of the bestest bunch of women on the planet, actually the whole universe! We went out to dinner, long lunched, did a puzzle (very therapeutic), drank margaritas, conversed without interruption and slept in!

The whole weekend was in honour of my BFF, Mrs M, as she prepares to embark on her Aussie adventure. You see, her and her family are off in a caravan around Australia for nine months. While they are away they will be scoping locations to call I in complete denial that she will be away for nine months, yes I am. Am I also in complete denial that she may not be living in Sydney when their holiday is over, yes I am.

My list of ten

Move - Still moving. I even ran again at Futsal!

Meditate - Still meditating and loving it.

Kind - Still reading The Happiness Project and implementing some changes - watch this space.

Connect - Connected my arse off this week.

Food - Had some awesome food this week. The girls and I went for lunch at Clareville Kiosk on Saturday - AMAZING.

Flow - Definitely going with the flow a lot more - I think The Happiness Project is helping.

Blog - Tickety BOOM.

Budget - Eh, we have been wavering of late. But back on track this week.

Fun - Jam packed fun this week.

How has your week been?


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