Sunday, April 16, 2017

The week that was....FOURTEEN & FIFTEEN

Another two weeks jammed into one post! Oh the indignity.

Have to admit though, not much to report for these two weeks. Life just plodded along, day after day and turned into two weeks.

School holidays commenced in NSW. I took my little miss to the office on Monday. She was so excited about it - I was thinking her expectations were a wee bit high, I mean I am never excited to go there. All in all she was great....much better behaved than at home. Her highlight was the hot chocolate machine.

So why stop there I thought....I took both my little miss and little mr to the office on Wednesday. Seriously, what the fuck was I thinking? Actually I know what I was thinking....Another guy from work was taking his three kids, his youngest also aged four, so I agreed to take my little man too. Never again. The End.

Admittedly, they weren't that bad. But the high stress level that you are in all day making sure they are quiet enough, tidy enough, respectful enough - not worth it.

Last weekend we had a family lunch for Dad's birthday. He will be seventy next year - my anxiety levels rise the older he gets. Morbid I know. I also know that he won't be around forever and that thought paralyses me with a fear I would never be able to explain.

Good Friday saw us busing it to the football - Bunnies vs Bulldogs. Seriously, how is awesome is live sport. I love it. For me there is no better way to vent frustration than screaming and yelling at grown men running around a football field. Seriously how shit is it when your team doesn't win though.

My list of ten

Move - Still moving and challenging friends on fitbit (who are currently whipping my butt). 

Meditate - Still meditating and loving it.

Kind - Still reading The Happiness Project and implementing some changes - watch this space.

Connect - Don't feel I connected enough.

Food - Don't feel I ate enough great food.

Flow - Definitely going with the flow a lot more - I think The Happiness Project is helping.

Blog - Ummm....Eh, one week but Tickety BOOM the next.

Budget - Sticking to it.


How was your week...2 weeks?


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