Sunday, April 30, 2017

The week that was...SEVENTEEN

I know I say this more often than not, but holy shit, time is flying! Even my eight year old said it to me this week - so it must be true!

This week was once again peppered with headaches that culminated into a migraine. Seriously life altering and something that really needs to be dealt with and flipping fast. But I have no clue at this stage where to start. I mean I have seen chiropractors, physios, osteopaths, headache specialists, GPs, naturopaths - I could go on. It is really an exhausting part of my life that contributes a lot to my depression as well.

School returned to Term 2 this week, so we are back into swimming, piano and singing lessons, which also means tight routines and serious meal planning. But the kids are smiling - most of the time so that is winning. I think.

Thursday night was once again, Futsal night, we came second, 11 to 2. We got 2 goals because they were late - the advantage of playing the earlier game of the night. I am seriously loving it though and feel I am getting better each week - at least I hope I am.

Friday night I went along with Ms Mc to a Fashion Revolution event at Bobbin & Ink in Petersham, but I blogged about that over on Minimise Waste, so if you want pop over there to check it out.

My list of ten

Move - I have actually been trying to walk around a lot more. 

Meditate - Meditating in an attempt to ease my headaches.

Kind - Been slack the last couple of weeks in being kind to myself. Unless of course being laid up in bed with migraines is being kind to myself?

Connect - Connected at The Fashion Revolution event.

Food - Definitely get back into the foody thing. Baking and cooking up lots of good stuff for the family.

Flow - Still going with the flow.

Blog -  Still blogging my little heart out. Seriously I love it.

Budget - Sticking to it.

Fun - Had fun at the Fashion Revolution event and Futsal.

How has your week been?
Got any news to share?


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