Sunday, January 22, 2017

{Life} The week that was...THREE

Here we are, another week. 

Sunday definitely had the "crap, it is work again tomorrow" feels. That sinking feeling you get at about 4.30pm in the afternoon when you realise your two days of freedom with your family and friends are falling through your fingers like sands through the hourglass (nope I don't watch Days of our Lives).

Monday night was at the neighbours and as per usual was great. They knocked up some lamb chops with salad - delish. 

Work this week is still sucking the big fat cherry. My work BFF is back on deck and thank goodness. I may not have survived the issues and dramas from this week without him...and the rest of my very supportive team, who make me laugh when I need it most. After asking if anyone could tell me a joke to lighten the mood, one of my team mates shared this with me (and I love Sloths) -

The kids went to my parentals for a couple of nights of being totally spoilt rotten. I have to admit when they aren't around I actually miss them - little terrors! Hubby and I took the opportunity to go out to dinner and the movies (gold class, thanks Mark & Jules), to see Rogue One. Yep, we are massive Star Wars fans. 

My list of ten

Headaches plagued my week, so my steps were low. I totally blame work. But I did organise to meet a friend once a week at 5.30am to walk! Always easier with a buddy.

My chiropractor appointment will hopefully alleviate the headaches and get me back on track.

As part of being kinder to myself, I have started to chase my Minbalup (aboriginal word for "a happy place") and will blog about my journey in a hope to inspire others to do the same, so please head over the Minbalup section and let's talk about happy places. 

And this is my third week in a row blogging!

How was your week?

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