Saturday, January 21, 2017

Minbalup, a happy place

There is so much anger and unhappiness everywhere. So much stress, pressure and worry about are we doing it all and constantly achieving more than we ever have before. It is driving people to exhaustion, or sometimes even worse.

It is consuming and pulling us down into a despair that is hard to shake off. Witnessing this in the people I love and admire makes my heart ache so hard. 

As my years have ticked over and my depression has attempted to drown me on more than one occasion, it has become extremely important for me to find my happy place and help those around me find their's too. 

Minbalup is the Aboriginal word for "a happy place" and it has become my passion to find it and share it. 

I'd love you to join in too. Let's try to find Minbalup in every day and share it to inspire others to find their Minbalup too. 

Head over to Instagram and share your images using #minbalup and tag me in it, @sammy_on_venus or hit me up on my Facebook page,

Are you keen to find your Minbalup?
What is your Minbalup?

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