Thursday, December 29, 2016

{Life} #MonthOfSam aka I just turned 40

Recently my bro and I ticked over the big 40! Still a bit shell shocked (well, let's say completely shell shocked, I am still not sure how the fuck it happened) and still smack bang in the middle of a life crisis.

But, I do love a birthday and this was a big one so I celebrated for the whole month of November and tagged it MonthOfSam - because, why the hell not!

I wined and dined with peeps from work, friends and family. I hit the theater to see MacBeth with BB & my sis-in-law. I also tripped to Melbourne for work and snuck in dinner at Rockpool and Mr Hive, along with cocktails at the Casino. My bro, BB and I partied with our friends at The Lord Dudley.

I was completely spoiled with gifts from Tiffany, Tomas Sabo and Swarovski, not too mention champagne, flowers, facials.

All in all, awesome times.








Do you celebrate birthdays? How about the BIG ones?

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