Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Nutritionist and I Take 2

My second appointment with my nutritionist, Jaime, has come and gone.

I am still on track with healthy eating - Jaime was actually happy with me! AWESOME, right. Cutting out the carbs at night was much easier than I thought - thank god! As I am a serious carb lover.

My aim to get 10,000 steps a day is still a struggle, however, I have been working out and planning how I can fit it into my day - walk to the station in the morning, team up with a friend at work to walk at lunch, team up with my neighbour to walk at night, walk home from swimming lessons on the weekend.

So apparently it can be done...and I am doing my best to actually do it. I even bought myself a spray jacket so I can walk in the rain. Me. Walking in the rain! Who would have thought - certainly not me.

At my appointment, Jaime re-took my measurements an weight and while I had lost a bit of weight, the measurements were the most pleasing - 2cms off my waist and hips and 3cms off my stomach, which she said equated to 2-3kgs fat loss off those areas.

The tip learnt here was the measuring tape is probably a better tool for measuring health and fitness than the scales.

Got any tips on health and fitness? How are you tracking in 2016?


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