Monday, April 25, 2016

{My 5 cents} Movie: The Jungle Book

Little miss and I ventured out on a Mummy-Daughter date. We hit the cinemas to see The Jungle Book.

I admit to umming and arhhing about taking her to see it. Various online reviews said that the violent nature of the film was not appropriate for children, even at her age, which is seven (and three quarters!).

In my opinion it was perfectly fine for her age. There were a lot of younger kids in the cinema and none of them ran out screaming.

Of course the story follows young Mowgli, raised by wolves after being found as a baby in the jungle by Bagheera, the panther. However, young man-cub Mowgli must leave the jungle and the only family he has even known after threats from Shere Khan, the tiger.

Queue tender moments between wolf-mother and man-cub....can anything be stronger than a mothers bond with her cubs. And yep I shed a tear.

As Bagheera helps Mowgli find the man village where he will be "safe", they encounter some interesting characters along the way....

Kaa, the slithery snake, voiced by Scarlett Johannson. You've never heard a silkier snake than this one. An important edition to the movie as she enlightens young Mowgli about how he come to live in the jungle.

Baloo, the free-spirited, honey loving bear, excellently voiced by Bill Murray and my favourite character in the movie. Seriously, you could just hug this big furry creature! After Baloo saves Mowglis life, he convinces him it would be a good idea to scale a cliff to get him some honey - a relationship forms and the pair become inseparable.

King Louie, the smooth-talking ape, voiced by Christopher Walken - say no more! Wants Mowgli to show him the red flower, he declines, a monkey chase and fight ensues.

As with all Jungle Book adaptations this one is a journey of self-discovery that leads to fun and adventure.

I'd give it 4 out of 5.

Have you seen it?
Thoughts on the age appropriateness?

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