Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm going on a fun run....

I'm probably going to pass out! (this needs to be sung to the tune of "We're going on a bear hunt").

Well, that is only half true.

The passing out bit is totally true, I'd probably pass out running to the letter is the fun run part that isn't technically true.

Our little miss will be the one fun running, I will be the one at the fun run observing the running for fun.

Now that she is a school kid she participates in alotta stuff. There is always something on, somewhere to be or someone to be hanging out with.  And being a newbie, she must take part in everything because it is all fresh and exciting - which is super great.

So, we are currently preparing for the adidas School Fun-Run. Queue our little miss doing laps of the house, burpees and star jumps until she collapses on the floor and huffs and puffs, "I am training, Mum" when I ask her what on earth she is doing.

As part of this preparation, we at Team Stone have joined the Bupa Family Challenge, which consists of various weekly challenges including Try New Things, Move More Footy and Family Fun.

Over the next few weeks be prepared for blog posts on healthy eating, trying new things and attempting to run to the letter box without passing out!

Have you done the School Fun-Run?
Are you this year?
Are you a good runner?
Got any tips?


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