Tuesday, September 9, 2014

{Blogging} Scheduling posts

As a person who blogs, and loves it, I often find myself wondering if I should be more structured by scheduling posts during the week.

I am a massive fan of planning and being the most organised person on the planet - clearly I totally fail at this though. With two kids, a husband, a house and a job unfortunately planning and organising are often gazumped with real life.

But I do love to plan. I write lists of lists for goodness sake! But alas I have never scheduled any blog posts.

The last few months I have had a bit of a blogging slump. After the excitement of blogging every day in May I seem to have fallen off the blogging wagon. Blog posts have been few and far between.

However, I feel my blog mojo returning. Little by little I am drawn back to my little space here on the web. As I think more and more about My Life on Venus I am torn - to schedule or not to schedule, is that the question?

Now, just to find the answer.

It seems quite fortuitous that Bron over at Maxabella Loves (who quiet honestly I have a bit of a crush on!) has just blogged several posts on this very topic. At the moment she is scheduling 6 posts a week!


I also found this very useful link from Co Schedule blog explaining their editorial calendar template.


All very good food for thought - now to just put it in to practice.

Do you schedule or not?
Are you a planner and organiser?
Do you love a list?


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