Friday, February 7, 2014

Drug tests, defibrillators and loop recorders

Hubby, getting his test on, or should I say ECG on.

Last year my beloved Hubby had a seizure, which lead to a heart scare. It was October 10th, to be exact.

Tests were carried out. More tests were carried out. They couldn't find what was the cause of his "episode" as the doctors call it.

Over Christmas and New Year he was given some time off from tests and pokes and prods.

Today, however, marks the return to testing, poking and prodding. Hubby had to rock up to the hospital (or hostipal if you are Little Miss) at 7am to start his testing. (Bless my Dad who came down to our place at the crack of dawn to drop him at the hospital while I wrangled our two kids.)

This test is some sort of drug test, I won't pretend that I know the name or what it is really about. But the jist is that they inject him with some drug and for five hours will monitor his heart for a reaction.

If there is a reaction, a defibrillator will be inserted into his chest cavity pronto.

If there is no reaction, a loop recorder will be inserted just under his skin to monitor his heart for about two years. So if there is another "episode" they will have a record of what his heart got up to during the said "episode".

His cardiologist is 99 percent certain that these drug tests won't show any reaction and he will have a loop recorder inserted, be sent on his way and see you in two years, thank you very much.

His 99 percent had better be right. I will be on the floor in the foetal position if it is the one percent.

Oh and on a side note, how is this for a kick-in-the-arse!

I took the day off work to be with Hubby at the hospital today....however, due to getting Licence Agreements late yesterday afternoon from our legal team (instead of months ago), I have had to log on to work today to complete user guides before the end of the day. Oh, and I just found out they all needed to be edited to remove a reference to an old product.


Have you ever been given a 99 percent certainty and ended up with the one percent?

Ever been kicked in the arse by work?

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