Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Have I mentioned that I love Christmas? Oh, I have. Several times, you say. Sorry bout that! I just can't help myself. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

I love all things about Christmas, including the tree.

When I lived at home with my parents, we always had a Christmas tree. Each year I would lovingly put it up and decorate it and then mum would begrudgingly take it down some time in January when I couldn't be arsed.

Then I moved out to live with one of my close girlfriends, we had a little Christmas tree the few Christmas' we spent together. Lovingly decorated and filled with presents for our families and friends.

When Hubby and I lived together and Christmas rolled around, he poo-hoo'd the Christmas tree. He said he didn't want a Christmas tree until we had kids around at Christmas time. WHAT! I was sad, but still we didn't have a Christmas tree.

All that changed five years ago though when our little miss had her first Christmas and we had our first Christmas tree! And we have had one ever since. As where we have lived has gotten bigger and bigger to accommodate our growing family - a unit, a townhouse and now a house, our Christmas tree has grown too. Hubby now has to hold little miss up so she can put the star, the sparkly pink star, on top.

I love seeing other people's Christmas trees too. There are some that are so beautifully styled with matching colours and decorations, that even change every year.

I started to think that maybe we were the only ones that had mis-matched decorations, some handmade with love and care, or picked up at a market by the beach. Until I read a post by the lovely Renee over at Mummy, Wife and Me, titled Memory Tree.

I thought, that is what we are creating too, a Memory Tree! So I decided to share some of the memories that we have added to our Christmas tree over the past five years.

Top left: A Santa bell from little misses Grandma that she found in a shop in Batemans Bay.
Top right: A red and green surfing koala from little misses Poppy. He bought this in Noosa because we follow South Sydney and little miss likes koalas.
Middle: An angel made by little miss at preschool this year.
Bottom left: The Christmas decoration made by little misses carers when she was in the baby room at daycare four years ago.
Bottom right: A guest gift from a wedding three years ago. The brides dad had made them and one each was given to the female guests, so you could use it as an earring, pop it in your window or on your Christmas tree.

Do you have a styled Christmas tree?
or a mis-matched tree?
or no tree?

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