Monday, December 9, 2013

My first...Bestie

Kids! Life is so carefree. If there is another kid around, you will be friends. If they like the same things as you, then you are best friends. How great is that! So easy, so simple.

When I was a kid, I grew up in a quiet street in the burbs of Sydney. It is actually still a quiet street, my parents still live there.

My brother and I used to always hang out with the other kids in the street. It seemed every house had one or two kids of similar age. The girl two doors down from us, Janine, was actually born in the same month and year as my brother and I. November 1976, for those of you who are interested.

She was an only child and we hung out all the time. My brother, Janine and I were three little besties.

The thing I remember most about her is her kindness.

One day we were playing in the street with someone's home made billy cart. I was pushing my brother along the road, when he decided it would be a good idea to lean back. To this day I am not sure what he was thinking. The billy cart tipped back and scrapped along the ground, with my little fingers underneath it. We were five at the time.

My brother left me, howling, in the street with three crushed fingers and blood everywhere. Janine hugged me and walked me home. She sat with me as my parents frantically called the doctor. It was Easter time so the surgery was closed.

The doctor agreed to meet my parents at the surgery after lunch. Janine stayed until it was time for me to go and have massive needles inserted in teeny tiny fingers and then tar picked out of each one.

My brother did redeem himself. He came with me to the doctor and held my hand as I screamed in agony. I can't imagine it was a pleasant experience for anyone.

I still remember the pain and having the bandages changed every day by the doctor. My teeny tiny fingers are also a constant reminder as they remain slightly crooked and scarred.

But most of all I remember my first bestie, Janine and her kindness.

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Do you remember your first bestie? 
What is it you remember most about them?

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