Thursday, September 19, 2013

Needles and herbal potions

Recently I have been banging on about my raging hormones and just generally being in a funk. One of the things I set out to do was acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

So off I went to my local acupuncturist. I had seen her before. When trying to conceive my little man and again when I was in pregnancy agony with him.

I began by explaining my ailments. She took feverish notes, looked at my tongue and monitored my pulse. She explained that my liver was blocked and therefore the energy and blood weren't flowing properly, so she would treat me accordingly.

Then the poking and prodding began. I have never been scared of needles, of which I am most thankful and I don't think that acupuncture needles hurt at all. I did feel like somewhat of a pin cushion though. I literally had needles from head to toe.

She left me to relax for ten minutes while the needles did their job. This was ten minutes of utter bliss. I practised meditation and actually nearly fell asleep.

When she returned she burnt some moxa on my skin. Moxa is made from dried mugwort (doesn't that sound delightful), it is used to warm acupuncture points to stimulate circulation and induce a smoother flow of blood and qi.

Moxa looks like a cigar and probably smells just as bad, if not worse. I return home after these sessions smelling like bush fire. My little miss tells me I stink and need to have a shower before she will come near me.

My acupuncturist finished off the session with some Tuina, which is Chinese Remedial Massage. Sadly, the hour was then up and it was time to go home. But not before she prescribed me some Chinese herbs to be taken twice daily.

The Chinese herbs are of the powered variety and taste extremely nasty. I can't even think what to compare it too. But hopefully they are doing the trick at kicking my funk.

I have had three sessions with her now and am definitely feeling the benefits.

Do you like acupuncture? or another alternative therapy?
Would you give acupuncture a go?

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