Monday, May 20, 2013

My itty bitty party girl

Kids! Who would have thought that one day my kid, who is four, would be more social than me.

Okay, so it really isn't that hard to imagine, I don't get out that much. If at all these days. Actually her social life is fast becoming mine.

This weekend she partied like it was 1999 - and she wasn't even thought of then!

Saturday afternoon I took her to Mr W's party. It was a pirate party. The room was adorned with pirate treasure, a ship's mast and a lot of very energetic pirates!

It always takes her a few minutes, or 20, before she warms up and prises her tiny hand from around my leg. But once she gets into it, she has a great time.

My wee little pirate!
She pinned the eye-patch on the pirate, dug for buried treasure, bashed the pinata for the hidden loot and played tug-o-war.

Oh and she won the Best Dressed Lady Pirate - so proud and worth the $30 I spent on the outfit, even if she didn't wear the groovy striped stockings or red bandanna.

Sunday afternoon I took her to Ms V's party. It was a princess/fairy party. The house was adorned with princess paraphernalia. Upon entering the backyard we spotted the jumping castle!

This party was all about the jumping castle. After the obligatory warm-up time, she was on there and not getting off in a hurry.

I forgot to take a picture of my Tinkerbell fairy before we headed off to the party, so took one upon arrival at is the result - and I think she gets this "I have had enough" face and hand on hip from me.

My tired Tinkerbell
Tired and cranky are the two words I would use to describe my little Pirate Tinkerbell after two parties, a truck load of sugar and a jumping castle. Totally exhausted are the two words I would use to describe me.

Were your kids more social than you this weekend?

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