Friday, April 5, 2013

She wiped away my tears...

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Yesterday I was having one of those days....a shit one!

Trying to get Little Mr 0 to sleep more than 40 minutes at a time was impossible. The books are telling me he should be sleeping 1.5 to 3 hours at a time, three times a day - WTF!

Show me a 12 week old kid who sleeps this much in one session during the day! Come on! I dare you!

Needless to say my emotions were stripped bare, my confidence shot.

I had a little break down during Little Miss 4's bedtime and the tears started to flow. I tried to stop but just couldn't.

Little Miss 4 looked at me and said, "Mummy, why are your eyes watering."

"I have had a bad day babe." I replied.

She gave me a big hug and a raspberry on my neck and said "You are happy now Mumma." Her raspberries always make me laugh. I smiled.

She then called out to Hubby to get a tissue and proceeded to wipe away my tears.

Shit, I love this kid.

Have your kids ever wiped away your tears?


  1. That is so beautiful Sam. What a gorgeous daughter you have. We all have bad days and really bad days and Lord knows I have shed a few tears when it just gets too much. Hugs x

    1. Thanks Jodi. She can be the sweetest thing ever. When I first had our Little Mr 0, there were lots of tears shed and there she was with a hug and a tissue!