Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dear Negative Thoughts

Dear Negative Thoughts,

Recently I have read letters from people to their bodies. I thought that you, Negative Thoughts, deserved a letter way more than my body. I am happy with my body. I am not happy with you and it is about time I told you about it.

You came into my life with a bang when I was in my early twenties. You didn't come alone either; you brought your friends Anxiety and Depression with you.

When you arrived, I felt you wrap around my thoughts, heart and soul like a boa constrictor, suffocating me. You were always there; I couldn't get rid of you. You were a fog that never lifted. My head was constantly dusty, just the way you liked it. 

Together the three of you wouldn't let me leave the house; you wanted me all to yourselves. You bore down on me relentlessly. Telling me I wasn't worthy, I was useless and would be alone forever. Asking questions like, "How could anyone love you?"

When you started to make me physically ill I realised that you were no good for me and it was time for you to go.

I started seeing a psychiatrist. You hated her, she was trying her hardest to get rid of the three of you. I loved her. She was my guide to rid my heart, thoughts and soul of the three of you. We worked hard and have somewhat succeeded. 

Negative ThoughtsDepression and Anxiety, I am now in my mid thirties and there are still remnants of you hanging around. It is possible you will always be with me in some form trying to pull me back into the foggy abyss.

But you won't win. I will continue to fight you with all I have.

So don't get comfortable because one day you might just be gone for good.

P.S Don't think about moving on to anyone else either, especially my kids. I will teach them how to fight you too.


  1. Kick those bastards to the kerb! No one needs those damaging freeloaders. Great post.

    1. Thanks Mrs BC. Writing about it makes me feel stronger!

  2. I know where you're coming from but stay strong! You'll get through it!

  3. Great post! Thanks Sam! Writing is such a great release for all these negative emotions. It's helped me also! :-)

    1. It is so great to have something that helps :)