Friday, April 12, 2013

RAoH weekly wrap - showing gratitude!

I fell off the "happy" wagon last week. It happens. Some days are tough, which wind up turning into a week.

But I am back this week baby! Feeling rejuvenated and ready to go. And that is the important thing to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back into it.

This week I have been thinking about my current girl crushes; Jessica Rowe, Pink and Ruby Rose.

I find this women particularly inspiring and an action for happiness is to thank the people you are grateful to.

I am grateful to these women because.....

Jessica Rowe is so open about her post natal depression. It isn't easy to say that you struggled with fertility to have a baby and once it arrives you are stricken with debilitating depression. I too struggled with fertility and suffered PND, the guilt I felt at not being completely overjoyed was overwhelming.

I have always loved Pink! Her music puts me in a happy place and I really admire her spunk.

Ruby Rose is inspirational in her fight to beat depression. She is not afraid to admit she has a problem and to take the steps to fix it. The hardest thing is admitting that you have a mental illness and seeking the help you need.

This week as my Random Act of Happiness (RaOH) I decided to thank these wonderful woman for being inspirational, strong and open.

One of the ways gratitude is good for us, is that it increases how willing we are to help and forgive others, which helps us all get along.

Scientific research has shown that actually thanking the people we're grateful to, and explaining why we're grateful to them, is one of the most powerful ways of enhancing our happiness. In tests, people who wrote a letter of gratitude to just one person and shared it with them, experienced an immediate increase in positive feelings and were happier and less depressed for up to month after doing it!

So why not give it a go?