Thursday, April 11, 2013

I love Sydney traffic!

I found out yesterday that Sydneysiders spend 92 extra hours per year in their car because of traffic congestion. This is nearly four days of your life per year sitting in your car in traffic!

This article was saying this is a bad thing. I really think people need to stop and think about this for a second and see the positives.

When I drive to work I am hoping there is traffic! It is MY time. I am sure other parents out there will agree.

It is the time I spend listening to my music and not The Wiggles, Play School, Justine Clarke, Captain Bandanna or The Tangled soundtrack.

It is the time I spend in peace and quiet without being asked for food, to do crafts, to watch ABC4Kids or Cinderelly, or to play dolls.

It is the time I spend having an uninterrupted phone conversation with a friend - using my Bluetooth of course.

As I look around I see other drivers using this time wisely too. People are putting on make-up  shaving, reading the paper, flossing their teeth, picking their nose and singing loudly to THEIR favourite song - all activities that they probably can't do uninterrupted at home.

If I am a little late to work because of the traffic, no-one seems to mind because they know someone probably only farted in their car at the wrong time on the harbour bridge and Sydney traffic ground to a standstill. Yep, it is that easy to block Sydney roads and it is to be expected these days.

So I say to all the Sydneysiders stuck in traffic, use this time wisely, listen to your favourite music or call a friend to say G'Day (using Bluetooth of course) because you may not get the chance at any other time.

What do you spend your time doing in the traffic?


  1. One reason I couldn't be a city gal. I am too impatient! I do agree though if you have to be stuck in traffic you should enjoy the time away from all things life. I enjoy the peace just driving five minutes home from the supermarket sans kids!

    1. Sometimes it really is my sanctuary and I can blare Pink on the CD player and sing and seat dance my way to work!

  2. And on the flip side, I hate being stuck in Sydney traffic when I've got 2 screaming boys in the back seat!
    But I can understand how you can use the time wisely if it's just you and you only :)

    1. That scenario is complete torture! Especially when you cant stop!