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Where is the best place to meet your mate?

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This question has been asked by many singles for many decades. But what the hell is the answer?

I had a whip around my friends and figured out where they had met their mate; work, pub/party, mutual friends, online/speed dating, social/sport activities or school.

This is how they ranked:
  1. School or University - 7 couples
  2. Mutual friends - 6 couples
  3. Online/speed dating - 6 couples
  4. Work - 5 couples
  5. Pub/Party - 3 couples
So it seems according to my extremely extensive survey (insert eye roll) on meeting your perfect match - if you are single and not in school or university, get onto your friends to start setting you up or log on to RSVP!

Hubby and I are one of the six couples that make up the "met at work" stats.

The year is 2003, I am 26 and starting a new job as a technical writer at a software company in the city. It is my first job in the city, I had successfully avoided it for 8 years! The hustle and bustle never appealed to me.

On my first day I was introduced around the office, hoping I would remember everyone's name and position in the corporate scheme of things.

Prior to starting this job I had been a single gal for about two years and still trying to repair myself as before that I had been in an emotionally crippling relationship for six years! I still didn't think I was ready for a relationship.

There was one group of guys at my sparkly new job who at first I thought were a tad arrogant. They were very cliquey and didn't seem to socialise with anyone else. Hubby was one of these guys.

After a few months I discovered that Hubby liked me (oh, and he wasn't arrogant at all, in fact he had me laughing daily). I had no idea! The girl next to me said one day, "He likes you," to which I replied, "Don't be ridiculous".

(Also as a side note we are still very good friends with the rest of Hubby's clique and I find them extremely lovely and

One day he rang my desk phone, I answered "Why are you calling me? You just sit over there," I could see his head as we spoke. This is when he asked me out.

Fast forward ten years and here we are; married eight years with a beautiful Little Miss 4 and Little Mr 0.

Where did you meet your mate?

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