Friday, January 4, 2013

Heat wave

If news reports are anything to go by then Australia is set for an absolute scorcher over the weekend, especially in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. Thankfully Sydney will be spared apparently, only reaching the mid 30's. (For more info you can check out BOM -

Mid 30's is not a scorcher? I hear you ask! I asked the same thing. Currently being 37.4 weeks pregnant with an above average sized baby means that mid 20's is a frickin' scorcher for gods sake!

Needless to say that I am a bit apprehensive of high temperatures at the moment, I puff up like a balloon and become extremely faint and dizzy. Therefore, have to lie in bed in front of the fan, feeling completely useless.

At least when I am lying in front of the fan hoping not to pass out I can watch the cricket on TV! Gotta love summer in Australia for the cricket.

Here is hoping that Michael Hussey gets a century too - what better way to retire.

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How will you survive the heat? Will you be watching the cricket?