Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Great Landscaping Challenge - Stage 2

Arh, the trials and tribulations of jobs around the house. Do they ever go without a glitch, a hiccup, or a major f*ck up?

My Dad is a super DIY'er so over the years I have come to learn that no they don't.

Stage 2 of our great landscaping challenge is adding another down pipe to our stormwater...which hasn't happened, yet.

We seem to have diverted to Stage 1a....hey, it happens.

Attempting to attach a barracuda-type device to our swimming pool we discovered that there was an issue - it simply didn't work. Out came the pool man, twice, and he told us that there was a leak in the suction line....of course there was!

Call in the Advanced Leak Detectors with their fancy equipment and they discovered where the leak was....under a well established tree.

The tree had to be removed and dirt dug out to discover that it wasn't just a "leak" (I was imaging a pin prick  that we wouldn't even be able to see), it was a massive hole in the pipe! We concluded that whoever planted the tree simply dug down, broke the pipe, and put concrete over it to hide his/her mistake.

Last weekend my fab Hubby and Dad spent the whole of Saturday replacing the broken pipe with a new one....good news is the barracuda-type device is now working and vacuuming up all the dirt off the bottom of the pool. Hopefully, we will actually be able to swim in it soon!

During the week we also got rid of our old this weekend Hubby is moving all the pebbles in the backyard to various other places; by the pool, by the new shed, next to the house, under the clothes line.
Unfortunately our friend was unable to take them because his truck is out of commission - but they will come in handy to fill the gaps around the garden.

Have you ever had to add stages to your jobs around the house to combat the glitches?

Image from here.

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