Saturday, October 27, 2012

A day with the ladies

A friend of mine is getting married!

I love a wedding! Getting dressed up, spending time with great friends, eating wonderful food, drinking the day/night away.

But before the wedding comes the Hens and Bucks parties.

Today we ladies are gathering at a swish restaurant by Sydney Harbour for a 3-course lunch, drinks and entertainment.

Many, many years ago the "Hens Party" became an opportunity for the bride to contemplate her dowry of precious things collected in preparation for marriage. This bride-to-be would spend the evening quietly at home with her family.

Thankfully, the tradition of staying at home and organising your dowry to prepare yourself for marriage is long gone!

So bring on 11.30am when I can leave my nest for the afternoon! Hopefully after the week I have had I actually come back ;)

What is your favourite Hens party or wedding?

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  1. I LOVE WEDDINGS TOO! My SIL is getting married in 2 weeks, and I have the dress...and all I need now is some killer red shoes!

    1. Congrats to your SIL! I love red shoes - I have two pairs. Hope you have a great time.