Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Makes it all worthwhile...

It has been one of those weeks - SHITTY!

I am sure you have had them, haven't we all. Nothing seems to be going right.

Little Miss 4 has had a temperature since Sunday night. Today she is showing the first signs of improvement. I really hate when she is not well. I am one of those Mum's that wants to call the doctor for a scratch (OK, not that bad, but you get the picture). Hubby and I have had minimal sleep, we have been up and down with coughing and nightmares. Sleep deprivation is a source of torture - did you know?

The only appointment I could get Little Miss 4 at the doctor's was yesterday morning, at the same time I was booked to do a  Glucose Tolerance Test (checking if I have gestational diabetes). A test which I couldn't change. Hubby to the rescue, he stayed home to take her and ended up having to look after me as well. I have done several of these GTT  tests and have been extremely ill with raging headaches after each one....fasting doesn't suit me! This time was no different.

BTW.....another lesson learnt - having a raging headache when pregnant isn't easy when all you can take is panadol!

Throw work into the mix and I am over the edge. Currently working on five projects, at least I think there are five, I tend to lose count. Each project needs to be managed and deadlines met. Deadlines that are all fast approaching and some that have even whizzed past. Oh and did I mention that we are re-branding our product range this year - this is not an exercise for the faint hearted, especially when there are still "discussions" about the actual name and you have to have the product finished by Christmas.

I fell into bed at about 1am this morning, crying uncontrollably, blubbering something about not being able to cope and hating everything. Thank goodness for my wonderful Hubby, who is a total rock. I am very thankfully that he asked me out all those years ago.

Sadly, I dragged my sleepy arse out of bed this morning, drove to work, parked, got my coffee, sat at my desk and all of a sudden it was lunch time!

At lunch time came one of those phone calls that makes it all worthwhile. Little Miss 4 called to tell me that she had just received tickets to a Cat in the Hat play at the Sydney Opera House.
"Mummy, we got tickets to Cat in the Hat!" she said.
"Did we bubba?" I replied.
"Yeah, the post man just bought them to us." she said, her voice teetering on hysterical.
"Are you excited?" I asked.
"YEAH! Woohoo! Cat in the Hat." she answered.

Little Miss 4 loves Cat in the Hat! Her third birthday was Cat in the Hat themed and we have watched the movie at least 1 million times. I had bought these tickets a week or so ago and was hoping that when they arrived she would be excited - I was not disappointed.

Hubby got on the phone and told me they were watching Cat in the Hat when the post man came and she thought they might be tickets (we seem to see a lot of plays/shows at the Opera House), so he told her to open them and he would read them. He told me she was really excited and wanted to call to tell me that we were going to see Cat in the Hat.

That feeling that your little girl wants to call you and tell you something super exciting that has just happened in her life is great and makes it all worthwhile.

What makes it all worthwhile for you?

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