Monday, April 15, 2013

A great group of friends

Little Miss 4 drew this picture of "Mummy's Dancing Girls" a few weeks ago. She tells me that we are tap dancing on the dance floor.

There are nine of us. Only eight of us appear in the drawing above because one is living overseas so wasn't able to make the dance floor, apparently.

We met years ago at dance lessons, ranging from ballet and tap to jazz. Some of us have know each other for 35 years! We all danced together for about 19 years and three of the lovely ladies still attend the same dance lessons.

I love this group of girls. I love when we get together, we can talk about anything and everything.

Our get together's seem to always come at the perfect time too. Just when I am in some need of girly time.

Yesterday, six of us went out to lunch in Pyrmont on a beautiful Sydney day. We ate some amazing food, I recommend the barramundi, and shared even more amazing company.

We also celebrated the wonderful news that this year we are welcoming two more dancing babies to our group. Congrats to two extremely wonderful mummies!

Image from here

Do you have a group of friends like this?

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