Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The fuzzy friendly spider

In June our Little Miss 4 is turning five! I love a party. I love to plan a party.

This year's birthday party theme is Halloween. I also love a party theme! (when do we stop having themed birthday parties??)

One of Little Miss 4's favourite things is CRAFT!

So I combined her love of craft and my love of party planning and decided to make some Halloweeny things.

The first thing we made are fuzzy friendly spiders.

What we needed:

  • 7 or 10cm foam ball for each spider - this is the body
  • Black wool/yarn
  • 16 paddle pop sticks for each spider - these become the legs
  • Crafts glue
  • 40 pipe cleaners for each spider - you use these to cover the legs (we used coloured pipe cleaners but you can also just use black)
  • 2 googly eyes for each spider

How we made them:

  1. Wind the black wool/yarn around the foam ball, alternating directions until fully covered.

  2. Glue the paddle pop sticks into eight wide V shapes and allow to dry completely.

  3. Once dry, wind pipe cleaners around each leg. For us, it took five pipe cleaners per leg. Leave a gap at one end uncovered so you can push the leg into the foam ball.

  4. Press the uncovered ends of the legs into the sides of foam ball. Place four legs on each side of the ball.

  5. Stick the googly eyes on and there you have your spider.

Do you have any Halloween craft to share?

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