Sunday, March 12, 2017

The week that was....TEN

There was only one place to go after last week and that was UP!

Literally spent so many hours this week talking to my boss about how we could work together to make my life easier. I am very fortunate he is so supportive. We have already started to put some new work processes in place that will really help take the stress off.

Tuesday saw me heading to the new ICC at Darling Harbour to the Simon Sinek and Peter Docker's Start with Why Leadership Forum. Totally blown away. Simon Sinek is an amazing speaker, so engaging and motivating. You really buy what he is selling. It was definitely a very inspiring day.

I spent time with two of my favourite people this week; my BFF Mrs M and my brother B.

Mrs M and I headed to Camperdown Commons for dinner on Wednesday night - such a great place, lovely atmosphere, great food, awesome company. Spending time together is always the deep breath I need.

Brother B and I went to the Treehouse for lunch on Friday. It has been so long since it was just the two of us hanging out, shooting the breeze. It was so lovely to catch up with him and to hear about his life.

Hubby was away for the weekend at a Buck's weekend. They have definitely tamed since we got married - an exceptionally good thing. The kids and I have been making slime (yep, more slime), going out for coffee & cake, watching Souths play and having movie nights.

My list of ten 

Move - Moved a lot more this week, which is always a good thing.

Meditate - Meditating more too.
Kind - Still loving the time I am spending reading. The Girl in the Spider's Web is so captivating I find it hard to put down to actually sleep. 

Connect - Connecting with my favourite people as I mentioned.

Food - I ate a bit this week but still had great wholesome foods - seriously check out Camperdown Commons if you can, it is great.

Flow - My flow is definitely a lot less clogged this week, which makes for a happier Sam and also teng

Blog - Tick.

Budget - Same, same really.

Fun - Definitely had fun this week with my favourite peeps and hanging out with my littlest monkeys.

How has your week been?


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