Monday, May 30, 2016

{Life} Our top two meditation apps

The mind is a powerful place. Little miss and I both have anxious minds. Minds that busily catatrophise tiny things into great big scary things. 

There is nothing wrong with this. Nothing at all. 

We are very aware of our powerfully anxious minds and therefore take measures to ease the worry. 

One of those measures is meditation. Every morning on the train I meditate for 10 minutes. Every night at bed time Little Miss meditates for varying times between 5 and 10 minutes. 

We researched apps and spoke to friends and have found that the two we like the most are Smiling Mind and Headspace. 

Both apps are anywhere, anytime and awesome. Little Miss and I enjoy both of them and use each on a daily basis.

Smiling mind is completely free and has meditation sessions aimed at different age groups (which I love). It also has a Bite Size section for those times in the car when you need some mindfulness and fast! Check it out at

Headspace gives you a free Take10 allowing you a taster of the Headspace program. Once you have subscribed, you have access to hundreds of hours of content ranging from stress, creativity to relationships and happiness. 
Little miss loves Headspace's animatations as they take you through how the program works and what you will get out of it. Check it out at

Do you meditate?

Got any apps to recommend?


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