Friday, July 31, 2015

Treat others... you want to be treated.

One of my motto's in life is "Treat others how you want to be treated". As a parent I also try to instill this in my children.

Australian of the Year and Brownlow medalist winner Adam Goodes is currently being relentlessly booed on the football field. It seems the ball goes near him, people boo and heckle. Why?

And anyone who is anyone, aka everyone, has an opinion on this issue. Both for and against.

Is it racially motivated? Perhaps. It seems to have escalated since Goodes performed a war dance to celebrate kicking a goal in the Indigenous round earlier this year.

Is it hatred? Perhaps. Not everyone likes everyone else. People do things that give other people the shits. That is life.

Am I going to change anyone's mind about racism or hatred. Unlikely.

But would I incessantly boo or heckle someone for their beliefs, views, opinions, football style, skin colour, clothes choices, etc, just because they differ to mine. No, I wouldn't. Because I wouldn't want anyone to boo me for mine.

Everyone is free to have their own opinions, whether I agree or not. And healthy debate about issues and people's differing opinions is great. But there is a line where healthy becomes unhealthy, offensive and sometimes dangerous. People can be wounded both emotionally and physically.

Surely people don't want to be wounded emotionally or physically, so why do that to others.

Just treat others how you want to be treated.

Is this something you live by?


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