Monday, June 1, 2015

{My 5 cents} Mad Max: Fury Road

This movies genre is certainly not confused. It is action! Action. Action. And a bit more action thrown in for good measure. Three quarters of the way through I was hoping there would be more dialogue.

In the week leading up to seeing Mad Max, Hubby told me some reviewers touted this movie as some kind of feminist revolution. I had visions of bra burning. Apparently having a woman as one of your main characters in an action movie aiding the escape of women slaves is now feminism.

COME ON! Yep, Charlize Theron is a female and a main character in an action film. She is strong, fearless and throws a mean punch. Her character is aiding the escape of a group of women from the clutches of the local warlord, Immortan Joe, who keeps them as his "wives" to impregnate them with his evil off-spring. She is hoping to return with them to "the green place", where she was stolen at the age of four to be taken to the "citadel" (aka mean warlords place).

Is  this feminism? or just basic human rights? No-one deserves to be kept in a dungeon to be raped and have their babes torn from their arms at birth to become little warlords, while their own breasts are milked for mothers milk to feed the warlord and his army. I would hope any character given the chance (and scripting) would help these women.

Charlize Theron's character is a warrior and a hero, people.

The title character, Mad Max, doesn't do too badly for himself either. Having little choice, he joins this group of women, helping them kick arse against Immortan Joe's army across the desolate apocalyptic Wasteland. Haunted by nightmares of past loved ones ghosts he is a striped back, broken down man. (Apparently you learn all this in the previous movies, which if I have seen, I have no recollection.)

The scenery and machinery (various cars, bikes, war rigs) in this movie are fantastic. As is the non-stop action. For me, I would have loved to hear more about Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron's character) and the "green place". And of course, more dialog wouldn't have gone astray either.

Have you seen it?
What are your thoughts?
Or not interested?


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