Wednesday, May 6, 2015

{My 5 cents} Kingsman

Handsome men in three-piece suits. The End.

No, not really the end because I really enjoyed this movie so want to tell you all about it. 

Based on the comic book, The Secret Service by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar, it follows the recruitment and training of Eggsy into a secret spy organisation. The stars include Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Taron Egerton and Michael Caine.

The story begins with little Eggsy losing his father to an act of bravery, having saved the life of three others, Harry, Merlin and Lancelot. 

Then comes the falling into turmoil and trouble as his mother marries some dead beat, total loser of a man...and also fast forward seven years. 

Eggsy is played by newcomer Taron Egerton and he definitely has a Matt Damon appeal (look out for the scenes at the end when he is suited up). He is recruited to train for the Kingsman, after falling afoul with the law, by Colin Firth's character Harry. Harry sees this as a way of paying it forward after being one of the men that Eggsy's dad saved. 

Eggsy enters training with several other hopefuls all vying for a place in the exclusive Kingsman. As the movie trots along, the other recruits fall by the wayside, leaving Eggsy and the one female recruit Roxy to play it out. The final test, they are asked to shot their dogs. Eggsy fails. Roxy succeeds. Therefore, Eggsy is out and Roxy is in. 
(Spoiler: they were blanks in the gun, so while Roxy pulled the trigger, her dog was not killed.)

Eggsy returns to his life. 

Meanwhile, while Eggsy is in training. Daper Harry tries to find out who killed his friend and colleague Lancelot and uncovers a global threat that is gaining momentum across the globe. Cue Samuel L. Jackson, playing villian Richmond Valentine, a wealthy eco-terrorist. 

Valentine is a Bill Gates of sorts, a gazillionaire who wants to save the planet and comes to the realisation that people are killing the planet, so why not kill some people. His offsider, Gazelle, is hot stuff. She is equipped with some exceptional leg blades that double as some seriously sharp knives, which makes for some really great action sequences. 

It is confronting seeing Samuel L. Jackson in such a villainous role, but that is the point. He is a funny man, who isn't fond of killing, playing at saving the world from climate change with biological warfare. He is one of those characters you like, until people's heads start exploding. 

This movie is tagged as Action, Adventure, Comedy and I believe it dishes up all three. There are definite comic exchanges throughout the whole movie, look out for the Swedish princess at the end, I literally spat tea out of my mouth. Some parts were reminiscent of Kick Ass, that tongue-in-cheek seriousness that is funny. The action sequences are also great, watch out for the bar scene when Harry locks the door. 

So, all in all, I recommend you check it out. 

(oh and p.s, the church scene is quite violent, so look away in that part if you need to.)

Have you seen Kingsman?
What are your thoughts of men in three-piece suits?

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