Friday, April 24, 2015

Saying goodbye

It is never easy. In fact, it is down right hard.

Today we gathered to say goodbye to someone very precious to us.

A special woman that has linked us together in forever friendship.

Over so many years she instilled her passion for dance in each and every one of us. A passion that will last our own lifetimes.

She always looked upon us with motherly eyes, wishing the best for all of us. No matter what.

Her warm arms continually celebrated our joys and consoled our grief.

She followed along our life paths from an early age with such tremendous love and support.

Our own hearts will always remember and hold tight each of these memories.

We will always be thankful and celebrate everything that she gave us.

Therefore, it isn't really goodbye. Is it.

Rest in peace beautiful lady, you will forever be a part of our souls and who we have become.

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