Sunday, August 17, 2014

Germs, germs go away...

Germs. Aren't they pretty?

No, they aren't. They aren't at all.

Hubby and our little people have been passing the germ ball to each other better than Greg Inglis and Sam Burgess against the Broncos last week (sorry, couldn't help it) for the entire season.

One gets better, then it is on the next one, then the next and so on. I am sure you get the picture.

I count myself relatively lucky I have only been struck down a couple of times and just with a bit of sniffle.

That is until this last attack.

This last germ attack is the cake topper. The dreaded stomach virus, aka gastro.

Little miss was first. The next week, to the day, it was Hubby's turn. The next week, to the day, it was my turn.

It hit all three of us hard. Fevers, shaking, incoherence. Bland food was the order of the day for days following this infestation - I am still following the bland food diet.

We are not alone though. Many friends and family have also been struck down hard this season with various germs. My mum blames the lack of rain. Apparently the rain will give everything a good clean and wash the germs away.

As I count down the days to Spring and do a rain dance, I pray to the germ fairies (if you are out there), please no more.

How has your winter been?
Are you affected germs too?

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