Monday, May 12, 2014

Five items I'd grab in a fire

The smoke alarm goes off. The kids and husband are safe. What five other things would I grab?
  1. Photo albums; containing photos of holidays, family, friends and weddings before the age of digital photography.

  2. Computer hard drive; containing photos of the kids who were born in the age of digital photography. It also contains all our financials etc.

  3. Jewellery; I only have one jewellery box, gifted to me by my BFF when she lived in HK, that contains my precious pieces.

  4. My top drawer; it holds our passports, birth certificates, old letters, and other sentimental stuff. 

  5. A clean pair of undies.

The house is on fire, all the family is out, and you can grab 5 more items. What are they?


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