Saturday, May 3, 2014

Changing Tracks - 100% Pure Love

Today's prompt for "Blog Every Day in May" is Changing Tracks - a song that reminds you of a certain time in your life.

Year 12 holds memories for a lot of people for a multitude of different reasons. Some good, some bad.

Thinking back I can recall a lot of the bad ones.

However, there are always some good ones peppered around, here and there.

Finishing Year 12, I headed to Surfers Paradise with a group of friends to indulge in Schoolies Week. Yep, that is how old I am, when I went it was referred to as Surfers Paradise and not the Gold Coast!

I have to admit most of the memories of that time have washed away with time and unimportance. The one that sticks with me is dancing at a nightclub with one of my closest friends, Stefan (who still is one of my closest friends) on our last night away.

The nightclub is a distant memory, but the song was 100% Pure Love by Crystal Waters.

Every time we went out after that we would always try to dance to that song. When it played at my wedding, we danced and laughed at what memories this song holds.

This song now reminds me of all those times and of my dear friend Stefan. Whenever I hear it I send him a
message, laughing. I am sure he laughs too.


What song changes tracks for you?

Joining up with the lovely Claire at Clairey Hewitt for Blog Every Day in May.

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