Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A blog I love

I love blogging and I love to read blogs. Picking just one to share with you is incredibly hard so I am going to have to share a few, I hope you don't mind.

Clairey Hewitt - Am I allowed to put Claire on my list considering this is her prompt. I am grateful to Claire for getting me to take pics of the family once a week (even though I ahve been blogging in May not taking pics).

Maxabella Loves- This little space of awesome is written by Bron. You need to go and check out her party ideas, they are amazing.

Life, Love and Hiccups - Sonia just seems to write from my head sometimes. You know those people who articulate what you are thinking or feeling, well that is Son.

Writer, Blogger, Author - When I first started blogging, the first blog I came across was Jodi's and I have loved it ever since. Both Jodi and her blog have evolved so much.

Mummy, Wife and Me - Renee is such a lovely soul. She too has two small kidlets as I do and I love to share her parenting and life journey.

My Little Drummer Boys - I am new to Trish's blog and I love it. And I have to admit I think I love Trish. This wonderful woman is on a serious health journey and blogs from the heart.

With Grace & Eve - Elisa's words and photography are just beautiful.

Keeping up with the Holsby's - Dani is one of those ladies that isn't afraid to put herself out there. I could really learn a thing or two from her.

With Some Grace - Grace makes me laugh and cry. I really love her spunk.

Have a laugh on me - Em keeps me laughing and keeps it real! Which I love.

I really could just keep going and going and going. And there are also all the blogs that I have found whilst blogging everyday in May.

Do you have a blog you love?

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