Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Personally styled!

Do you know what body shape you are? I had no idea until last week. Apparently I'm an apple! I haven't been an apple my whole life, that I do know. Before marriage and kids my body shape was completely different! But I have never known how to dress to my body shape, whatever it has been.

For a while now I have been thinking about having a styling session. I have never felt comfortable in my clothes and have never looked at myself in the mirror and thought I looked good in what I was wearing.

Then I "met" Mamastylista (aka Deauvanne) through Instagram and blogging and found out she does personal styling sessions of varying degrees. She can come to your house and go through your wardrobe, she can take you shopping or she can do both!

Life has gotten away from me lately so I decided it was time to do something for me and in turn feel good about myself so I emailed Deauvanne to book in a session. Then I had to wait the month until the actual date of our date.

It finally arrived and last week I met her at Bondi Junction Westfield, we went to Zara and Target and she got me to try on different styles that would suit my apple body shape. She also wanted to get me out of my rut of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers! Bless her, cause that was getting old!

It also seems that since having my kids I had forgotten I actually had legs and my wardrobe was very void of skirts and dresses. There are people I work with that would never have actually seen my legs out of jeans! ARRHH!

During our styling date, I learned that apple body shapes are best suited to drop-waists, wrap dresses, pencil or a-line skirts, and peplum tops. We also talked about block colours, patterns, shoes, jewellery and basically revamping my drab wardrobe. Therefore helping me to feel good about myself.

And I admit I felt good about myself. When I looked in the mirror during my styling session, I felt good and I thought I looked good! It was an amazing feeling. I was telling a girlfriend about it over the weekend and nearly cried as I remembered how good it felt to think I looked nice.

I would highly recommend a styling session to anyone and everyone. And if you are in Sydney, definitely look up Mamastylista.

Do you know your body shape?
Have you had a styling session?

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