Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diary of a new school mum #2

We are two weeks away from our first ever school holidays! HOLY SHITBALLS BATMAN! Don't blink because it will be the end of the year and all of a sudden our little miss will be off to high school.

I know this from experience, because I blinked and my god daughter is starting high school next year.

I am still trying to come to terms with the whirlwind that is school since I posted my first diary of a new school mum.

There are home readers, sight-words, sports day, yoga day, news day, library day, tokens for houses, trivia nights, Easter hat parades, grandparents day, canteen days, Premier's Reading Challenge, computer class and parent/teacher meetings. Phew, exhausted.

It has also dawned on me that I still I have an innate ability to say yes to everything asked of me. I am now Secretary of the P&C, Uniform Shop volunteer, and computer class parent helper. Yep, more exhausted.

I have also gained more tips that I would like to share....

  1. Exchange numbers with other parents in your class, just in case you can't get to school for the 3pm bell and need to frantically ring someone to be that smiling face that greets your babe as they exit the classroom for the day. (or perhaps your other half needs the numbers)
  2. When asked to volunteer, it is okay to not put your hand up for everything. A good tip is to literally sit on your hands so you aren't tempted to raise them.
  3. Buy two hats, one for the school bag and one to be left at school in your kid's tray. This is for the common rare occurrence when your one year old removes the hat from the five year old's school bag and puts it in his toy box. Then there will be a back up at school so you don't have to run home, grab the hat and run back. (I have learnt that his toy box should be my first go-to place to look for missing items now...even though I did just find my watch in the bin.)
  4. Take time to read the homework sheet because the teacher puts little notes to parents on them, e.g. Tuesday is now a kindy sports day so please wear sports uniform....oops!
  5. The whole family will be exhausted. Not only will your little school person be exhausted, the whole family will be worn out by this stage of term. I had heard that the kids gets exhausted, but yikes, I am knackered.

How have you survived Term 1 so far?
Any tips you would like to share?

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