Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#everydaypeople two

Proving we are all unique individuals with unique experiences....but we all wipe our bum in some way.

My get to know people better, find out why they think they are unique, what advice they would give and if they scrunch or fold their toilet paper...etc.

The incredible Mr Krabs
I have known Mr Krabs for about 3 years, give or take, here or there. Currently we sit next to each other at work - on the days when I am in the office. He is one of the most honest, forthright people I know and I love that in people. You know where you stand and who can argue with that....and by the way, I wrote this before he answered the following questions :)

When and where were you born?

Born in Sydney Australia back in January 1973

What is your favourite song and why?
Amanda Marshall – Let it Rain. It has a powerful message and always seems to hit the spot for me.

What is your favourite movie and why?
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – I was always drawn into the fantasy of the movie and would have dreams as a child  of being in a land filled with lollies and chocolate. To this day I still love the original movie. (not a fan at all of the re-make)

What is your favourite book and why?

I guess I don’t really have a favourite book, but more of a favourite author. My favourite author is Stephen R. Lawhead. He is an American writer based in the UK, known for his works of fantasy, science fiction, and recently Celtic historical fiction.  I love getting caught up in the worlds he creates and being fully immersed in the story lines.

What are you passionate about?
One of my passions is photography. I love just heading out and about and capturing the smallest of details, or the grandest of views. Photography has also been a part of who I am and I often with I had done more with it in my life.

What do you think makes you unique?
I’m very black or white, yes or no, love you or hate you. Once you have connected with me, it’s hard to break that connection. But when that connection is broken, it’s hard to re-connect.

What advice would you give people?
1 - prefer you to be a total pain in the backside and upfront honest than have too many filters that don’t allow you to be you. Your honesty is actually the best policy and I respect you more for that, than the story you may be able to create to fudge that honesty.  2 – You are beautiful in your own way and nothing will ever change that. 

Do you scrunch or fold?

Fold all the way. And to add to this, I’m an over person, never and under (paper roll that is).

Do you know what your friends think makes them unique?
Do you know what they are passionate about?

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