Thursday, December 12, 2013

You want a Christmas is your Christmas card!

I love to send Christmas cards to my family and friends. Since having kids I am now one of those people that shamelessly puts their picture on the front of the Christmas card each year. This year it was a lovely photo of our two cherubs at the beach.

Every time I have made one of these cards I am reminded of the Seinfeld episode when Elaine puts her picture on a Christmas card.

For those non-Seinfeld fans out there, here is a brief synopsis.

Jerry is dating a Calvin Klein model who sends him a Christmas card with her photo. Elaine says she should do something like that. Kramer chimes in offering to take her picture, so off they go to Kramer's apartment to take the photo for Elaine's Christmas card.

A few scenes later, Jerry receives the card from Elaine, opens it and notices......a nipple!

Elaine's shirt had gapped during the taking of the photo and exposed a nipple. She had sent this card to hundreds of people, except George.

George is very indignant not to have received a card.....the following clip is what ensued and is definitely the funniest clip from this episode.

Do you put a family photo on your Christmas cards?
Have you ever inadvertently sent out a photo showing more than you should? 

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